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How We Use Azure Key Vault to Keep Keys Safe

Azure Key Vault HSM backed CAs
25 Mar 2021

Keytos was created by a group of passionate security experts. After years of securing PKI infrastructure for some of the largest cloud providers we realized that we had to create cloud based PKI services while maintaining or surpassing the security standards set by most companies. The first step was to create our infrastructure with the highest security standards in the world learn more on how we protect our infrastructure. Then we had to find a safe place for our CA private keys. Since we are hosted in Azure, Azure Key Vault was a no brainer. With their FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Level 3 validated HSMs, we are able to have a serverless HSM option to host our keys with very high availability.

By having the option of hosting Azure Key Vaults in any of Azure’s 60+ regions without us having to get space in a data center, make sure it meets our security bar, and set up a reliable service in that region. Azure Key Vault allowed us to quickly scale to meet some of our customer requirements of having their cryptographic material in their country.

Taking it One Step Further

By making it so easy to host and secure cryptographic keys, we are able to offer our customers a unique offering of us managing the whole infrastructure, while you keep your cryptographic keys in your own HSM backed Key Vault with no managing overhead for you. Giving you the opportunity of getting all the benefits of using our PKI products, while your cryptographic material stays safe inside your own key vault.

Increased auditing

By using our auditing APIs and Azure Key Vault’s auditing capabilities, you can cross check each request that has been created in your Key Vault with a request from one of our products, giving you increased visibility into how your keys are being used.

So what are you waiting for? Make your engineers work less, and your organization more secure by talking to an identity expert today!

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