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SSL Certificate Monitoring

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Prevent Costly Breaches and Outages

EZMonitor scans and monitors your SSL certificates across the internet and uses intelligence to alert you if any business critical anomalies are detected.

User Experience

Quickly gain visibility into all your SSL Certificates

Turnkey Monitoring

EZMonitor's hosted architecture gives you full visibility into your all your SSL certificates in one convenient dashboard. Enabling your team to start monitoring your SSL health and security in minutes. In addition to our dashboard, EZMonitor adapts to your team needs by enabling you to receive the generated alerts by: Email, SIEM integration, or by calling our APIs.

Prevent x509 certificate expiration outages

Prevent Costly Outages

According to Gartner, the average outage costs companies $300,000 per hour. EZMonitor was designed to help the more than 80% of companies that have reported a certificate related outage in the past 2 years.

Fix cryptographic Misconfigurations

Remediate Vulnerable Misconfigurations

EZMonitor monitors your domains for known misconfigurations that could open the door for an attacker. On EZMonitor's first month, Over 30,000 cloud misconfigurations were detected.

Check Your Domain
Meet and Exceed Department of Homeland Security Requirements

Meet and Exceed DHS Requirements

The Department of Homeland Security requires all federal agencies to use a Certificate Transparency monitor such as EZMonitor to detect rogue SSL certificates.

detect phishing attacks before they happen

Detect Attacks Quickly

With phishing attacks tripling over the past year, it is important for organizations to detect and stop the attacks before they cause a costly breach. EZMonitor smart alerting helps you detect domains and subdomains that attackers are using to impersonate your company. Stopping the attack before your organization is affected.

Monitor private SSL Certificates

Gain Full Visibility

EZMonitor public and private network scanning services enable you to get full visibility into all your certificates. This visibility creates a full SSL Certificate report card, helping you find and fix issues before they become business critical.

Detect shadow IT and self signed certificates

Detect Shadow IT Certificate Authorities

The growth of certificate-based authentication, has incremented the number of Shadow IT CAs run by engineers that needed certificates and did not use the company approved private CA. EZMonitor helps you find these certificates and enables you to replace them with a compliant certificate.

Secure Your Infrastructure in Minutes

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