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Keytos Security achieves ISO 27001 meeting and exceeding industry standards
01 May 2024

Keytos Security Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Discover how Keytos Security's ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certification solidifies our commitment to the highest data security standards, enhancing trust and compliance

Keytos Security shows their commitment to security by winning stellastra platinum award
29 Apr 2024

Stellastra Platinum Award Given to Keytos to Prove Keytos Commitment to Security

Keytos Security earns the prestigious Stellastra Platinum 2024 Award for excellence in the company's security while providing identity and PKI cybersecurity services

Cloud RADIUS Authentication Just Got Easier EZRADIUS - The New Cloud RADIUS Service from Keytos
12 Apr 2024

What’s the Best Cloud RADIUS for Microsoft 365?

Keytos is excited to announce the new cloud RADIUS service, EZRADIUS, designed to make Wi-Fi security and authentication with EAP-TLS easier for organizations.

Cloud PKI for Azure Australia
12 Feb 2024

What’s the Best Cloud PKI in Australia?

The Development Team at Keytos is excited to announce the expansion of EZCA's availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to support a Australia-only instance of EZCA, allowing all our Australia clients to keep all their data in the Australia.

PKI for Azure GCC High – Secure & Compliant CA for Azure Government Cloud – Meet and Exceed CMMC Requirements
15 Jan 2024

Keytos Proudly Announces Release of EZCA for Azure GCC High Government-Grade PKI

Keytos is proud to announce the release of EZCA for Azure GCC High, a government-grade PKI solution that helps you meet and exceed CMMC requirements.

Automate SSL Certificate Issuance with Keytos and ManageEngine
10 Dec 2023

ManageEngine MDM Plus Integration with EZCA Simplifies SCEP for Everyone

Keytos' Engineering Team is proud to announce their most recent (and arguably most exciting, depending on who you ask) development to EZCA, full integration with ManageEngine MDM Plus! This new functionality is a direct response to our customers, who continue to require comprehensive mobile device management solutions, but don’t necessarily rely on Microsoft’s Intune. Solution designed to empower your enterprise workforce with the power of mobility, by enhancing employee productivity without compromising corporate security. Manage smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, TVs, and all sorts of other IoT do-dads with this exciting new functionality from Keytos.

Is Microsoft Cloud PKI good?
21 Nov 2023

Microsoft Releases Cloud PKI for Intune

After years of promising to deliver a native cloud PKI, the good folks over at Microsoft have finally announced their Cloud PKI for Intune! Very exciting news for the security community, right? Well, as it turns out, not so much. Click here to learn all about the many shortcomings of Microsoft's Cloud PKI.

What is going on with the KB5014754 update?
18 Sep 2023

What’s Going on with the KB5014754 Update?

These KB5014754 updates are so common and usually inconsequential; however, being that this one applies to your PKI, read on for the TL;DR to get you up to speed on why everyone is saying about the KB5014754 update.

Keytos’ Passwordless Onboarding Tool EZSmartCard is now EZCMS
14 Sep 2023

EZSmartCard is now EZCMS! What Does This Mean?

EZSmartCard, Keytos' passwordless onboarding tool, is now called EZCMS! So, what does this name change mean for you and your organization? Read here to find out!

Keytos’ EZCA Available to European Users in Azure Marketplace, Helping European Customers Meet GDPR Requirements
23 Aug 2023

Keytos’ EZCA Available to European Users in Azure Marketplace, Helping European Customers Meet GDPR Requirements

The Development Team at Keytos is excited to announce the expansion of EZCA's availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to support a Europe-only instance of EZCA, allowing all our European clients to keep all their data in the EU.

Meet Google's 90-day certificate requirement with GlobalSign and Keytos, Automatically Rotate GlobalSign SSL Certificates for Free with EZCA
21 Aug 2023

Automatically Rotate GlobalSign SSL Certificates for Free with EZCA

To meet Google's upcoming 90-day certificate requirements, you must automate SSL certificate issuance. While EZCA's certificate automation has been helping organizations around the world automate their private certificates for years, we are now excited to announce our integration with GlobalSign's managed SSL solution!

How to meet the White House’s Cybersecurity Strategy for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Modernization Symposium
27 Jul 2023

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Modernization Symposium Reaction - How to Meet the White House’s Cybersecurity Strategy

In an ever-growing cyber climate, MFA is vital to implement to be as cybersecure as possible, but what exactly did the White House have to say, and what does it all mean? Read below to find out and get your organization ready for the zero-trust present!

How to go passwordless using Microsoft Entra ID and YubiKeys
12 Jul 2023

YubiKeys for Entra ID – How to Go Passwordless Using Microsoft’s Newly Rebranded Platform

In July, Microsoft announced their bold decision to change the name of Azure AD to Entra ID. Does this revolutionary name change have any impact on your organization's security moving forward? Not really. Read on to find out all you need to know about the shift to Entra ID and what it means for your organization.

Keytos is Proud to Announce FIPS Inside - Government-Grade Security for All!
03 Jul 2023

Keytos Proud to Announce FIPS Inside - Government-Grade Security for Everyone!

At Keytos, ensuring the highest level of data security is not just a priority, it's a commitment. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved a milestone that underscores our dedication to this commitment - FIPS inside validation!

What is KB5014754? What Does KB5014754 Mean?
09 Jun 2023

What Is KB5014754 and Why it Will Cause Your Next Outage

KB5014754 is a Microsoft Security Patch that fixes an impersonation vulnerability by requiring the account SID in the certificate, unfortunately ADCS does not support this on all the user templates, are you ready for this change?

Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Still Affecting Thousands of New Subdomains Each Month
23 May 2023

Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Still Affecting Thousands of New Subdomains Each Month

Subdomain takeover is a vulnerability that has plagued cloud users since the beginning of the cloud. Keytos Researches uncover an easy way to find thousands of new vulnerable domains each month.

How to create Intune SCEP Certificate Authority In Azure
31 Jan 2023

How to Create an Azure-Based CA for Intune

EZCA enables Azure customers to have a secure and compliant Certificate Authority in Azure that connects to Intune allowing customers to issue device certificates without the need to run an on-premises ADCS Certificate Authority.

How to secure GitHub with Zero Trust Just In Time Access
23 Jan 2023

How to Secure GitHub with Zero Trust Just In Time SSH Access

Now that organizations are securing their infrastructure by following Zero trust best practices, attackers are moving left in the pipeline and attacking GitHub. Earlier this month, Okta said that its private GitHub repositories were hacked. When the leaders in authentication and Identity Access Management (IAM) are hacked, it’s time to start taking things much more seriously.

Keytos recognized as Yubico onboarding partner
18 Oct 2022

Keytos Recognized as the Onboarding Partner for Yubico YubiKey

Passwordless authentication just got easier thanks to Yubico and Keytos, Yubico and Keytos have been working hard on improving the passwordless onboarding for all Azure Users.

Cybersecurity experts are going passwordless
30 Aug 2022

A Look Back at Blackhat, Defcon, & Gartner IAM Summit

After 3 weeks in the west coast, the team is back from GartnerIAM, Blackhat, and Defcon and we wanted to share with you what was top of mind with the hundreds of cybersecurity experts we talked to.

SmartCard Management just got easy with Keytos and Azure
09 Aug 2022

How to Onboard Smartcard Users in Entra CBA

Passwordless authentication just got easier with EZCMS and Azure certificate-based authentication. EZCMS is the easiest and truly passwordless way to get started with SmartCard management and onboarding.

Azure is vulnerable to domain takeover
01 May 2022

Your Azure Cloud is Vulnerable to Subdomain Takeover

In its first month, EZMonitor found over 30,000 Azure domains vulnerable to domain takeover. This detection has helped hundreds of companies detect and prevent phishing attacks before they happen. Check your domains for free with EZMonitor.

Detect Phishing and Man in the Middle Attacks Before They Happen
15 Apr 2022

How to Detect Phishing and MITM Attacks Before They Happen

Certificate Transparency logs give organizations full visibility into all the SSL certificates in the world. Keytos' EZMonitor uses the intelligent cloud to process billions of SSL certificates and find man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing sites before your customers are affected.

Certificate based authentication to Azure IoT
15 Mar 2022

IoT Passwordless Authentication Is One Click Away

With the rush to market, many IoT manufacturers are hard-coding passwords for IoT Devices to communicate with their command-and-control servers. The problem with this is that if a hacker guesses the password gets access to your whole fleet. In this blog we show how EZCA can help you save that problem with one click.

Keytos integrates with Azure Sentinel
01 Mar 2022

How to Connect Keytos and Azure Sentinel

To reduce the time to mitigate and improve your threat hunting abilities, we are happy to announce that all Keytos products are now able to send security information to Azure Sentinel. Enabling this SIEM connection is one more way that we help your organization stay secure against the ever evolving threats.

Azure PKI is now available
15 Jan 2022

How to Create a Secure CA in Azure: PKI Just Became Easy

We are happy to announce EZCA, the PKI built for your cloud scale certificate needs. EZCA will empower your security team to create highly secure and compliant certificate authorities around the world while helping them to prevent costly outages by giving them full visibility into your organizations certificates.

Keytos at BlackHat
24 Aug 2021

BlackHat 2021 Recap

BlackHat 2021 was a great way to catch up with industry experts and talk about the latest security trends. Read our recap to learn more about the latest trends.

Protect Azure with CloudWatcher
28 Jul 2021

How to Protect Azure with CloudWatcher, Keytos' Open Source Tool

Following security best practices help reduce the chances of a security breach. However, companies need to be ready to detect and mitigate a breach as soon as it happens. To protect our critical infrastructure we created CloudWatcher and today we are excited to share it with the world for free!

Code Signing with Keytos
14 Jun 2021

Sign Your Code with GitHub Actions

At Keytos we help secure the internet by making cryptographic products easier to use. We are excited to introduce our new open-source codesigning for Windows GitHub action.

Github is under attack
07 Jun 2021

Why are Hackers Targeting GitHub?

Hackers are attacking GitHub instances. Time for security teams to fight back by securing their GitHub instances with SSH Certificates and EZGIT the first GitHub SSH Certificate CA!