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Passwordless Onboarding for Azure

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Passwordless Onboarding for Unphishable Credentials

The FIRST & ONLY Azure AD passwordless onboarding tool to support all 3 major authentication methods in Azure (Azure CBA, FIDO2, and Phone Authentication) Keytos is the one-stop-shop for passwordless authentication and onboarding.

User Experience

Choose the Authentication Method Best Suited for Your Organization to Ensure Unphishable Credentials

Not every user has the same needs, that is why Microsoft has created multiple passwordless authentication methods that are best for each use case. EZSmartCard enables you to easily get started with any Azure AD passwordless authentication method. This has allowed multiple organizations to meet and exceed the identity requirements established by The US Government Executive Order 14028 and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

Self-Service Onboard FIDO2 Keys to Azure


FIDO2 Authentication enables password-based login credentials to be replaced with quick and secure login experiences. As a FIDO Alliance Member, we enable the first ever self-service FIDO2 onboarding system for Azure AD, allowing you to protect your organization with the most secure authentication method from the most secure identity provider.

Self-Service Onboard SmartCards

Smart Card

Smart card implementation complexity has been a major barrier to entry limiting its adoption primary to federal governments and government contractors. With the creation of Azure CBA (Certificate Based Authentication) and EZSmartCard, this secure authentication method is now available to all Azure customers.

Self-Service Onboard Microsoft Authenticator App

Authenticator App

The most cost effective and popular passwordless authentication method is phone authentication primarily due to convenience; nearly all users already have a smartphone. Save valuable time and money by enabling your users to easily self-onboard.

Why You Must Passwordless

Why you must go passwordless

The Problem With Passwords

Creating and remembering secure passwords is not easy. Passwords have become an outdated and problematic security measure, as evidenced by the statistics. In 2021, over 6 billion credentials were leaked, and more than 60% of breaches were caused by stolen credentials. While this might not seem like a critical issue, no organization is immune from cyber-attacks. Last year, over 90% of organizations reported being targeted by phishing campaigns. To combat these attacks, organizations have implemented stricter password policies, making it increasingly difficult for users to create and remember secure passwords. As a result, password resets account for 20-50% of help desk calls, costing an estimated $360 per user every year.

The EZSmartCard Advantage

Reduce Onboarding Time

Reduce Onboarding Time

EZSmartCard utilizes industry leading face recognition and Government ID scanning technology to validate the user's identity enabling them to use their Government ID and their biometric data to quickly gain access to the corporate network. Removing the need for one-time passwords or time-consuming trips to the IT help desk.

Meet and Exceed Compliance Requirements

Meet and Exceed Compliance Requirements

Over the past few years, governments around the world have turned to SmartCard authentication to protect them against identity breaches. The evolving cybersecurity landscape is now requiring all organizations to adopt this secure authentication method. EZSmartCard enables you to meet both The US Government Executive Order 14028 and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) identity requirements while improving your onboarding experience.

Works With Your Infrastructure

Works With Your Infrastructure

In our years of experience working with highly regulated industries, we have learned that in PKI and Identity there is no one size fits all. This is why our tools are designed to meet you where you are in your infrastructure requirements. EZSmartCard can be hosted fully on-premises connecting to your existing PKI infrastructure, to a fully managed cloud-based SaaS offering where our team of experts manage your EZSmartCard instance while meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Full Visibility/Auditability

Full Visibility/Auditability

Security audits should not take your time away from securing your infrastructure. EZSmartCard logs all activities in the platform, giving your team full view of all activities in our portal. These events can also be sent to your SIEM solution, giving your security team a centralized view of your organization's security.

Distribute your Yubikeys

Easy Hardware Key Distribution

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to hardware key authentication is distributing the keys to all the team members around the globe. EZSmartCard takes care of the logistics of ordering and distributing hardware keys, allowing your IT team to focus on the pressing security issues while distribution is managed by our tool.

Use Keytos to onboard Yubikeys to Azure AD

The Undisputed Industry Leaders in Passwordless Onboarding

To achieve this industry leading onboarding experience, we have worked alongside and partnered with industry leaders such Microsoft and Yubico to make passwordless authentication easy and accessible to every organization.

Passwordless Solution By The Numbers

zero account takeovers


Account Takeovers

Reduce support cost


Support Cost Reduction

Faster logins with passwordless authentication


Faster Logins

It Is Time to Go Passwordless

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