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RADIUS Authentication Cloud-Scale

EZRADIUS allows you to run and scale your own highly available RADIUS server without the need to manage the complex infrastructure associated with RADIUS authentication. Your cloud based RADIUS appliance will be maintained to the highest standards and will allow you to modernize your network authentication with modern authentication methods.

How To Create a Cloud RADIUS with EZRADIUS

Azure and Microsoft RADIUS cloud Service

RADIUS Server With Native Microsoft and Entra ID Integration

Saving time and money is a top priority for organizations when migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. EZRADIUS, our Azure-based RADIUS solution, helps organizations achieve this by enabling you to go fully passwordless by leveraging our cloud based Certificate Authority with Intune and MDM support, and our Entra ID integration. This integration automates machine identity management as well as it enables you to setup more secure authorization methods leveraging Intune Device Compliance and Entra ID group membership.

Microsoft Intune SCEP Recommended Certificate Authority

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Keytos was built by an ex-Microsoft team and since the beginning of the organization we have been a close partner with Microsoft. From graduating from their Microsoft Startups program to being a trusted Intune Microsoft Certificate Authority partner our partnership has allowed Microsoft customers around the world fully transition to a passwordless cloud based infrastructure.

Integrate RADIUS Service with your PKI from ADCS, SCEPMAN and Microsoft Cloud PKI

Integrates with your PKI

While we have a great integration with EZCA our cloud based Certificate Authority with Intune and MDM support, we understand that some organization might have an existing PKI. EZRADIUS is PKI agnostic allowing you to enable EAP-TLS with any private certificate Authority such as Microsoft cloud PKI or ADCS in minutes.

Enhanced RADIUS Authentication for Zero-Trust Networks

Enhanced RADIUS Authentication for Zero-Trust Networks

While EAP-TLS offers secure authentication using a certificate, certificates are static and cannot tell you dynamic changes such as current group membership, or device health. To enhance the already secure protocol, we have added Entra ID and Intune integration to allow you to conditional access policies based on device health or current group membership.

Audit Your Network Access by having RADIUS logs in your SIEM or Azure Logs workspace

Easy to Audit Network Access

Auditing access should not take your time away from securing your infrastructure. In addition to our helpful dashboards and audit log functions, EZRADIUS can push all access logs to your existing SIEM or Azure Log Analytics workspace allowing you to use your day to day tools to aggregate your access information and create automated alerts for abnormal behavior

Secure cloud radius offering in Azure

Secure By Default

While other legacy RADIUS solutions are hard to set up increasing the probability of a misconfiguration that can cause an outage or even worse; expose your company. EZRADIUS was designed and tested by security experts across the world. Making it easy for anyone to set up a world class RADIUS in minutes.

cheap Azure based cloud RADIUS Service

Lower Your Costs with Cloud RADIUS

Planning and deploying your infrastructure can be a daunting task, from purchasing the hardware, to setting up a secure geo-redundant infrastructure that can scale to your needs can be expensive. With EZRADIUS pay as you go plans you pay for what you use, allowing you to have the elasticity of the cloud without the high costs.

RADIUS and PKI Setup Help

Expert Help Along the Way

We understand that modernizing your network authentication can be scary, from setting up your certificate authority to setting up certificate based RADIUS authentication, there are a lot of steps to take. While we have amazing step-by-step documentation we understand that sometimes is easier to ask questions to another engineer, this is why when you setup a demo an engineer will be assigned to you, and they will help you navigate the whole process.

Modernize Your Network in Minutes

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