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How to Connect Keytos and Azure Sentinel

Keytos integrates with Azure Sentinel
01 Mar 2022

Secure Your Cloud with Keytos and Azure Sentinel

It is no secret that security threats and events are increasing in frequency and complexity. To reduce the time to mitigate and improve their threat hunting abilities, organizations of all sizes are turning to using a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to log and analyze terabytes of information. These SIEMs (Security Information and Event Management) reduce your security team’s workload by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze the data to find anomalies that could be caused by a breach to your systems while also reducing false alarms.

Keytos Integration

At Keytos we are always looking at ways we can help your security team by automating tasks that otherwise would have been done manually. We are happy to announce that starting today your team can start monitoring all Keytos products using Azure Sentinel. This enables your team to create smart alerts that can correlate Keytos access logs with other logs with system logs of your infrastructure helping you detect and stop an attacker before they can do any damage to your organization.

EZSSH Integration

EZSSH will now send all access logs to your SIEM, enabling you to correlate SSH access to EZSSH requests, making sure that all your assets are being accessed in a secure and compliant manner. This information also enables you to create alerts of misuse of the tool such re-using a private key, abnormal access requests, and more. Read our documentation to learn more about how you can leverage this amazing integration.

EZCA Integration

EZCA now can send CA standard certificate lifecycle and CA administration change logs. EZCA uses similar event IDs as the logs sent by ADCS servers enabling your team to use your existing alerts for certificate management. Read our documentation to learn more about how you can leverage this amazing integration.

Start Monitoring Today

If you want to improve your team’s productivity while also improving your overall security talk to one of our security experts on integrating Keytos and Azure Sentinel.

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