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Keytos’ EZCA Available to European Users in Azure Marketplace, Helping European Customers Meet GDPR Requirements

Keytos’ EZCA Available to European Users in Azure Marketplace, Helping European Customers Meet GDPR Requirements
23 Aug 2023

Meet GDPR Requirements with EZCA

The Development Team at Keytos is excited to announce the expansion of EZCA’s availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to support a Europe-only instance of EZCA, allowing our European clients to keep all their data in the EU. This move reinforces the solution’s adherence to GDPR compliance, marking a significant milestone for businesses seeking trustworthy certificate authority solutions within Europe’s strict data privacy landscape.

EZCA allows you to run and scale your own highly available private CA service without the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs of operating a private CA. Whether you are creating a new private PKI hierarchy or chaining up to an existing one, EZCA will help you create it by following the latest industry standards.

EZCA enables organizations of all sizes to realize up to 70% cost-saving compared to traditional on-prem CAs. With its integration into the Azure platform, customers can efficiently create their own cloud based Certificate Authorities, as well as modernize existing Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) CAs by linking them to Azure’s wide array of services like Azure Key Vault and Azure IoT Hub.

EZCA is the only ACME Certificate Authority that can connect to your Existing Windows PKI. This makes it easy to automate SSL certificate lifecycles with ACME without the need to create a new CA. In addition to its ability to connect to your existing PKI, EZCA also offers a secure and compliant Certificate Authority in the cloud. EZCA uses industry best practices for all the complex components of a PKI, including: Certificate Revocation List (CRL) publishing, Hardware Security Module (HSM) management and setup, geo redundancy, cryptographic key selection, Authority Information Access (AIA) creation and maintenance, and more. This ensures that your CA is set up securely and compliantly and is able to support your passwordless journey.

“We’re thrilled about the release of EZCA to our European clientele via the Azure Marketplace. It truly is a testament to our commitment to global data security standards. Azure customers across Europe can now craft fully managed, Certificate Authorities, scaling seamlessly to cater to the expanding certificate requirements of hybrid cloud and IoT.”

  1. - Igal Flegmann, Co-founder and CEO of Keytos

“The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a hub where global customers can effortlessly discover, purchase, and deploy trusted partner solutions optimized for Azure. We are thrilled to usher in Keytos’ EU EZCA solution into the burgeoning Azure Marketplace family.”

  1. - Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into the nuances of EZCA, please head over to our documents page(s) to explore further.

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