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SSL Monitoring Tool – 2024’s Top Choices

The best SSL certificate monitoring tools you can buy
28 Dec 2023

Best SSL Monitoring Tool for 2024

As we prepare to turn the calendar’s page on another year, security practitioners around the world are looking for new tools to add in 2024. High up on the list, as I’m sure you can imagine, are SSL Monitoring Tool(s). With the exponential growth in cyber threats, relying on the data contained and managed within Certificate Transparency (CT) logs is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The sheer volume of certificates required to efficiently run an operation has swelled so much that it’s no longer feasible to monitor or manage manually. ..and that’s if we aren’t including all the bad actors we need to keep an eye out for. As Dave Chappelle once famously stated, “Modern problems require modern solutions.” …ain’t that the truth?

Fun fact: Did you know that both Google and the US Department of Homeland Security have gone out of their respective ways to emphasize the importance of using a CT log monitoring solution?

Really fun fact: Did you know that EZMonitor by Keytos is one only the SSL monitoring solutions recommended by Google’s Certificate Transparency? …more about that soon!

SSL Monitoring Tools: Finding the Right Solution for Your Organization

We fully understand that it can be overwhelming to pick the right fit. Whether you’re a startup just starting out or large multi-national, there’s an SSL tool out there tailored (or can be tailored) specifically just for your use case! But let’s remember, it’s not simply about the tool; it’s also about the “intangibles” that aren’t highly marketed in comparison to features. I’m talking about customer support, the expertise and knowledge of the Developers, and the ultimate cost(s) are crucial components to consider prior to engaging in a new vendor relationship.

Quick FYI: There are essentially two (2) types of monitoring solutions:

1) Those that are content with sending you a heads-up email when a new certificate enters the fray. …not exactly rocket science…

2) The all-in-one powerhouse. The Swiss Army knives of the SSL world, if you will, that not only monitor certificate creations, but also provide more features and functionality to ultimately improve your SSL health!

Best in Class SSL Monitoring – Comprehensive Tools

EZMonitor: Keytos’ EZMonitor, a user-friendly marvel that offers 360-degree visibility into your domains and subdomains. In addition to public logs, it will monitor your own internal networks to ensure holistic protection. What sets it apart? It was built by ex-Microsoft Identity Engineers specially to meet the needs of the modern workforce. Think of it as the Sherlock Holmes of SSL - always alert and on the lookout for potential threats, like Shadow CAs!

Hardenize: A name that exudes strength, Hardenize offers a relatively hassle-free and straightforward solution. Similar to EZMonitor, not only does it scan publicly trusted certificates and endpoints, but it gives visibility into internal networks. Fairly expensive, but you wouldn’t know that from their website. You’ll need to suffer through a sales discovery call to learn more.

Cert Spotter: Think of Cert Spotter as the neighborhood watch of the CT log universe. It keeps a vigilant eye on multiple CT logs, ensuring no new certificate slips by unnoticed. No fuss, no muss.

Keytos EZMonitor vs. SSLMate vs. Hardenize - the benefits of each SSL monitoring tool

SSL Monitoring Tools – The Email-Only Watchdogs

DigiCert’s Certificate Inspector: Ever felt the need for a personal SSL certificate bodyguard? DigiCert’s got your back, alerting you every time a new DigiCert certificate enters the CT log. And if an outsider tries to issue a certificate for your domain? You’ll be the first to know!

Cloudflare CT Logs Alerts: Cloudflare has a simple yet effective offering. If you’re a Cloudflare customer, you can choose to be notified whenever a new certificate is issued for one of your managed domains.

What’s Next for SSL Monitoring?

Clearly, SSL monitoring tools have come a VERY long way in a relatively short amount of time. Things have progressed nicely and there are really sophisticated and reasonably priced solutions at our fingertips. From real-time alerts to in-depth certificate information, the tools of 2024 are designed to safeguard and serve. The final choice, though, always boils down to individual requirements Selecting the right tool for you will certainly take a lot of time and consideration. We get it. But at the end of the day, most of these tools do EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF. Understanding that, and in the spirit of being transparent, take a peek at our pricing. There’s about a 96% chance we’re less expensive than the next best solution ($200/month) …unless you’re related to a Board member or something like that. Either way, probably worth a look. Remember, in the world of SSL, staying updated is staying protected. Choose wisely!

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