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How To Enable Self Onboarding for Passwordless (FIDO2, Azure CBA, and Phone Authentication) In Azure

How To Enable Self Onboarding for Passwordless (FIDO2, Azure CBA, and Phone Authentication) In Azure
15 Mar 2023

The First and Only Self Service FIDO2 and Passwordless Phone Authentication Onboarding For Azure with EZCMS

As more organizations move to cloud-based solutions, the importance of secure and compliant authentication methods has become increasingly critical. While passwordless authentication methods are the pinnacle of security, they have a reputation of being incredibly tedious to set up. Over the past few months EZCMS (formerly EZSmartCard) has been helping organizations around the world to get started with easy-to-use smartcard authentication. To make passwordless authentication easier, we are happy to announce the support for FIDO2 and Passwordless Phone Onboarding for Azure AD (Active Directory). With the addition of these features, EZCMS becomes the first Microsoft Partner to offer easy access to all 3 passwordless authentication methods.

Seamless Onboarding

The onboarding experience with EZCMS is designed to be simple and straightforward. Users can easily create a new passwordless method by using their existing Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity, or by scanning their face and government ID to validate their identity. Once verified, users can begin using any of the available passwordless authentication methods.

Create FIDO2 and Smartcard Identities

Organizations of all sizes can save up to $330 per user per year by eliminating password resets and enabling self-service onboarding for users with` passwordless authentication using FIDO2 with YubiKeys and smartcards.

Our one-click enrollment solution facilitates organizations to enable the two most secure authentication methods in the same key while improving the user onboarding experience and reducing IT overhead costs. By consolidating smartcard and FIDO2 authentication into a single key, organizations can streamline the authentication process for their users while maintaining the highest level of security.

Key Distribution and Management

One of the challenges and main barriers of entry into passwordless authentication is the management and distribution of hardware keys. EZCMS makes it easy to request, distribute, and manage hardware keys without the need for a large team.

For organizations that would like to offload this responsibility, Keytos also offers a key distribution as a service in Mexico and USA that enables your team to focus on other tasks while we ensure that all of your users get a YubiKey on a timely manner. Talk to Keytos to learn more

Phone Authentication

While security keys are a great way to secure your organization, they are not for everyone. Phone authentication has become the most popular passwordless authentication method due to its convenience and low barrier of entry since most users already have a smartphone. We empower organizations to have the same easy onboarding we offer for hardware keys, with phone authentication, removing the need to manually verify and onboard each new user.

Designed for Remote Work

One of the main advantages of EZCMS is that it was designed with remote work in mind. With the pandemic pushing many organizations to adopt remote work policies, the need for secure and compliant remote onboarding experience for new users has become absolutely crucial. EZCMS key assignment and attestation, paired with our hardware distribution software, make EZCMS the easiest and more secure way to onboard new employees around the world.

Get Started with Passwordless Authentication

If you are ready to get started with passwordless authentication, set up a free assessment with an identity expert today to learn more about how EZCMS can help your organization stay secure and compliant in the age of remote work. Our team of experts can provide a customized solution that meets your organization’s specific needs, whether you are looking to implement FIDO2, smartcards, or phone authentication with Microsoft Authenticator.

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