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How to Get ADCS Ready for the Cloud

Modernize ADCS with EZCA and Azure
31 Mar 2022

How to Create ADCS CA for Azure

A few months ago, we released EZCA, an easy way to create and manage secure and compliant Certificate Authorities (CAs) in the cloud. This innovation modernized the certificate issuance process not only by enabling anyone to create a secure CA (Certification Authority) in minutes instead of months, but by revolutionizing the way certificates are tracked and life-cycled.

While EZCA is great for new PKI implementations such as for new IoT deployments, most of our customers already have existing CAs (Certificate Authorities) and the number one request we got was: “We would love to use EZCA as the RA (Registration Authority) for our existing infrastructure”. Today we are happy to announce that now you can!

The Cloud Meets On-Premises

Our latest integration enables you to modernize your existing PKI deployment to meet your growing certificate needs, while maintaining control over your Certificate Authorities and private keys. We do this while maintaining the security requirements of your on-premises infrastructure. All EZCA needs is a connection over 443 to a certificate agent that you will manage. This certificate agent will request the certificates from your CA and will return them to EZCA.

Agent Diagram

This simple setup will enable your organization to modernize your certificate management stack without the need to redeploy your secure CAs in the cloud. This integration will centralize your certificate management in one modern application, preventing costly outages while also freeing key personnel from managing certificate lifecycle and manually issuing certificates.

If you want to learn more about this amazing new feature book a call with our PKI experts and modernize your PKI today!

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