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Take your Security to the Next Level With Passwordless Authentication

Centralize and gain visibility of your SSL and SSH identity management with Keytos!


PKI & Identity Management Made Easy

Keytos solutions are designed to improve security and compliance across a hybrid multi-cloud landscape and on different channels like GitHub where developers access, write, and share code. We offer industry-leading certificate rotation technology, SSH access management, just-in-time GitHub access, SSL certificate discovery, and SSL health monitoring.

Our mission is to eliminate administrative grunt work. That way, you and your team can focus the time and talent needed for other IT initiatives to push your company forward faster.

Go fully passwordless

Start your Passwordless Journey

We understand the importance of security for businesses in today's digital age. That's why we specialize in helping organizations transition to a fully passwordless system for their business accounts. Our team of industry experts advise and guide your organization through the process, providing easy-to-use tools and solutions to ensure a smooth and secure implementation. With Keytos, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business's identity is protected against cyber threats, while also increasing productivity and efficiency for your employees. Don't let security concerns hold your business back, trust the experts at Keytos to help you implement a passwordless system and secure your organization's digital assets.

Keytos partners with Yubico, Microsoft, and Okta to bring you the best security

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Security is a team sport. We are proud to partner with industry leaders to bring the best security features without compromising user experience. Being a Microsoft Partner, part of the Works with Yubico Network, and part of the Okta Integration Network enables our customers to extend their already secure identities to the Keytos toolset.

Keytos enables your zero-trust strategy

Designed for Zero Trust Networks

With the expanded cloud workloads, digital transformation and shifts to remote work, you can no longer depend on an isolated network to protect your endpoints from attackers. Our tools enable your organization to easily manage all your passwordless identities.

PCI and SOC2 compliance

Rest Easy with the Industry Standard for Security and Compliance

We understand security and compliance are a core pillars of Identity Management systems. Our tools are designed to help you meet and exceed security compliance requirements. From how we secure our SOC 2 compliant infrastructure, to how our tools are designed to help you meet compliance requirements, Keytos tools will drastically improve your time-to-compliance.

Self Service Passwordless Onboarding

Passwordless Onboarding for Every Organization

Save up to $330 per user per year by eliminating password resets and enabling self-service onboarding with passwordless authentication using FIDO2, Phones, and SmartCards. One-click enrollment solution streamlines the authentication process for users while maintaining the highest level of security.

Manage your SSH and SSL certificates

Take Back Control with SSH and SSL Solutions

Keeping up with the latest security best practices and cyber threats can be difficult, especially when your team's time is consumed with manually managing the lifecycle of SSL certificates and SSH keys. Save time and money by automating these tedious processes.

centralize hybrid and multi-cloud access management

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Support

Keytos meets you where you're at. No need to switch clouds or do any complex integrations. We provide all of that for you by centralizing access and certificate management into a single auditable toolset. Instead of having disparate certificate management solutions for each private and public cloud environment, Keytos provides SSH and SSL certificate management across all your environments in a single pane of glass.

Get Full Visibility into your SSL and SSH Certificates

Full Visibility

You cannot protect what you cannot see, Keytos tools enable you to secure your organization while giving you visibility into your current security health. Each of our tools have audit logs for each action that is taken in the tool, these logs can be seen and analyzed in our tools as well as sent to a SIEM for correlation with other signals.

Minimize vulnerabilities with passwordless access

Minimize vulnerabilities with Passwordless Access

Keytos enables passwordless access, founded on Zero Trust best practices that ensure bad actors are unable to access your systems. We improve security while preventing costly outages by detecting and automating the most common cryptography-related outage causes.

Industries We Serve

Protect Critical infrastructure with zero-trust technology

Critical Infrastructure

Improve ICS security and compliance with Zero Trust: Cyber threats targeting industrial control systems (ICS) have skyrocketed year after year. In fact, between 2018 and 2020, there was a 500% increase in attacks on industrial entities. To mitigate these threats, NERC CIP and other regulations have become more demanding of critical infrastructure operators. Keytos provides private PKI services to improve data security and compliance with Zero Trust architecture.

Banking and Financial Institutions go passwordless with Keytos

Financial Institutions

Prevent credential stuffing attacks with turnkey monitoring: The financial sector has experienced a 45% increase in phishing attacks, where the attacker creates a phishing site to steal customer and employee credentials. Keytos offers turnkey monitoring services that enable full visibility and real-time alerts for all SSL certificates including those used for phishing.

Protect Healthcare IT Infrastructure


Avoid life-threatening breaches: Over half (53%) of healthcare IT decision-makers reported experiencing a data breach of their cloud network in 2021. These breaches put patients at risk of medical identity theft, which can impact their care plan and lead to misdiagnoses. Keytos helps healthcare organizations protect patients with automated hybrid multi-cloud key management for Azure Key Vault, AWS KMS, ACME clients, Windows, and Linux.

Early Adopters in the Tech Sector are protecting their GitHub repositories with EZGIT


Protect sensitive enterprise data on GitHub: Software and other technology companies often have key management responsibilities across many platforms, which increases the surface area for attacks. For example, developers will sometimes use personal repositories for work projects, which is how 85% of leaks happen. That's why we developed the first SSH CA for GitHub repositories.


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