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Private CA at Cloud-Scale

EZCA allows you to run and scale your own highly available private CA service without the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs of operating a private CA or private CA hierarchy. Whether you are creating a new private PKI hierarchy or chaining up to an existing one, EZCA will help you create it by following the latest industry standards.

Automatic SSL Certificate Rotation User Experience

Azure Certificate Authority

Native Azure Integration

Saving time and money is a top priority for organizations when migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. EZCA, our Azure-based PKI solution, helps organizations achieve this by enabling you to go fully passwordless by leveraging our user passwordless onboarding tools, and our native Azure CA integration. This integration automates machine identity management, removing the need for hard-to-manage passwords, improving security while also reducing costs.

Microsoft Intune SCEP Recommended Certificate Authority

Trusted Microsoft Intune CA Partner

EZCA is a trusted Intune Microsoft Certificate Authority partner allowing Microsoft customers to set up a secure and compliant Azure based Certificate Authority for Intune SCEP. EZCA seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Intune, ensuring a streamlined process of Intune based certificate distribution. Leveraging the robust infrastructure of Azure, EZCA provides enterprises with a scalable, reliable, and highly available Certificate Authority solution tailored for the modern workplace. By choosing EZCA, organizations can confidently secure their mobile and endpoint devices, fostering a safer digital environment while benefiting from Microsoft's advanced cloud capabilities. Experience the synergy of Microsoft Intune SCEP and EZCA, and elevate your organization's security infrastructure to new heights.

manage your SSL certificates across multiple clouds and on premises

Automated Multi-Cloud Certificate Lifecycle

EZCA integrates with key management systems (Azure Key Vault, AWS KMS), Windows, and Linux to empower you to automatically manage and rotate all certificates across multi-cloud and hybrid deployments.

enable acme for your private Certificate Authority

Enable Modern App Development with ACME

Modern infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes use the ACME protocol to validate domain ownership and automate the certificate lifecycle process. EZCA enables you to modernize your private PKI to issue certificates through ACME enabling your engineers to use the same automation tools for internal and external certificates.

Geo-redundant Azure Certificate Authority

Deploy Secure Geo-Redundant PKI in Seconds

Offload time consuming tasks such as HSM provisioning, PKI patching, CRL distribution, disaster recovery, and more to the cloud. EZCA allows your team to quickly deploy a highly available HSM backed PKI deployment in a few clicks. Leaving the PKI management to our world class PKI experts and freeing up your team to work on other pressing security tasks.

Audit Your Issued Certificates in Azure

Easy to Audit Access

Audits should not take your time away from securing your infrastructure. With EZCA all CA changes, certificate requests, and approvals are logged and can be easily exported for your security team to analyze or to simplify compliance audits.

Create a secure Certificate Authority in Azure

Secure By Default

While other legacy PKI solutions are hard to set up increasing the probability of a misconfiguration that can cause an outage or even worse; expose your company. EZCA was designed and tested by PKI experts across the world. Making it easy for anyone to set up a world class HSM backed PKI in minutes.

cheap Azure based certificate Authority

Lower Your Costs

Planning and deploying a private PKI has a massive upfront cost. From purchasing servers and HSMs to having geo-redundant secure locations to host your infrastructure. EZCA makes it easy to get started with a simple monthly subscription.

Certificate Authority PKI for Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central

IoT Ready PKI

Creating a Certificate Authority that is secure and can scale to support Azure IoT Hub certificate authentication is no easy feat, EZCA is the first Azure based CA that can scale to meet your certificate requirements for Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.

Infrastructure Security

Fully Azure Passwordless Infrastructure

Passwordless Infrastructure

All of infrastructure authenticates between micro-services with passwordless technology. Protecting us from credential theft.

FIPS Azure Certificate Authority

Secure PKI with FIPS 140-2 Inside

Our Certificate Authorities, use FIPS 140-2 validated Components to protect your keys. Making our solutions FIPS 140-2 Inside 4090 solution.

Bring your own HSM for Azure you Azure based Certificate Authority

Protect your CA Keys With Bring Your Own HSM

Control your CA keys and give EZCA access to sign certificates. Contact us to learn more about this option.

Modernize Your PKI in Minutes

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