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Passwordless Guides and Best Practices

Are passwords secure? What are alternatives to passwords?

Passwords Are Not Secure! Challenges and Modern Authentication Alternatives

We’re exceptionally thankful for all that passwords have done for us; but, as things progress, we're discovering a glaring issue - passwords, as we know them, are rapidly becoming an outdated and unreliable method of authentication. Here are some of the most common shortfalls...

The History of Passwordless Authentication in Linux

Passwordless Authentication in Linux Over the Years

Going passwordless in Linux has never been easy - we get it. As a matter of fact, the history of passwordless authentication in Linux is equally as fascinating as it is triggering. Let's take a deep dive, shall we?

Does Microsoft Active Directory Work With Linux?

Does Active Directory Work With Linux?

If you’re a Microsoft Active Directory expert, your first instinct for managing access to your Linux endpoint(s) is probably to domain join your Linux VMs to Active Directory. The TL;DR here is that this is an awful idea. You’re going to run into issues with DNS, Privileged Agents, No MFA, and just a generally not the best or most secure user experience.

How to create PIVKey certificates for Azucar CBA (Certificate Based Authentication) and AD Smart Card Authentication

How to Onboard PIVKey Smart Card Certificates for Azure CBA and AD Smart Card Authentication

When looking at passwordless options, you might have heard of PIVKey smart cards. PIVKey is a great option for passwordless authentication with a smartcard, however, it is not the easiest to onboard. This is why we created this guide to help you onboard PIVKey smart cards to Azure CBA and AD Smart Card Authentication.

How to go passwordless in Azure AD and Entra ID without Temporary Access Pass (TAP)

How To Onboard To Azure FIDO2 Without Temporary Access Pass (TAP)

With cybersecurity you are as secure as your weakest point. Therefore, if you implement Azure passwordless and use TAP to onboard, attackers will target your TAP issuing process to gain access to your infrastructure. Learn how to remove the human from this process and use self-onboarding to passwordless authentication.

How to enable passwordless authentication in Azure AD and Entra ID with FIDO2 and Azure CBA using Yubikeys

How To Use YubiKeys for Azure CBA and FIDO2 in Entra ID

When looking at passwordless options, the first option that comes to mind is YubiKeys. While they are awesome once you issue them, they are not the easiest to onboard. This is why we created this guide to help you onboard YubiKeys to Azure CBA and FIDO2.

How to Enable YubiKeys and FIDO2 as Auth Methods for MS Office 365 Apps

How to Enable YubiKeys and FIDO2 as Authorization Methods for Microsoft Office 365 Apps on macOS or iOS

Passwords alone are no longer considered secure, and organizations worldwide are moving towards passwordless authentication methods. One such method is using hardware tokens like YubiKeys and the FIDO2 protocol. But how can you enable these methods for Microsoft Office 365 apps on macOS or iOS? Read this blog to learn how!

Going passwordless what are the benefits?

The Security and User Experience Benefits of Going Passwordless

Going passwordless is no only exponentially more secure, it has also been shown to improve productivity and reduce wasted time. This page is the perfect starting point to learn more about about which passwordless method is best for you.

How to Prevent Phishing as an SMB

How to Prevent Phishing as a Small Business

The number of phishing attacks has risen sharply over the years. For small businesses, relying solely on employee awareness and email filters isn't enough. The answer? Unphishable credentials. Read on to find out how unphishable credentials can help secure your small business.

How To Go Fully Passwordless in Azure AD (Entra ID) with FIDO2 and Azure CBA - create passwordless users in Azure AD

How To Go Fully Passwordless in Azure AD (Entra ID)

The only way to stop attackers from phishing your passwords is to remove them completely. Learn how to go fully passwordless in Azure AD (Entra ID). From setting up FIDO2 and Azure CBA to creating passwordless users in Azure AD, we cover it all.

What is Azure CBA and how to get started with Azure CBA

Azure CBA – What is it? Who Needs it? How to Get Started?

Traditional password-based authentication methods are no longer sufficient to protect sensitive company data and infrastructure. To address these concerns, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) offers passwordless authentication to enhance protection and improve the user experience. Read on to learn more about Azure CBA and how to get started!

PKI and SSL Certificate Management Best Practices

Difference Between FIDO2 and Smartcard Authentication

When looking at passwordless authentication, the two most popular options are FIDO2 and Smartcard authentication, but what is the difference between the two? Which one should you use? in this blog we discuss the difference between FIDO2 and Smartcard authentication and which one is best for each scenario.

Unphishable and Phishing resistant credentials for Azure

Unphishable Credentials For Azure and On-Premises Cheaper and More Secure than Password-Based Authentication

With phishing attacks on the rise, organizations are moving to phishing resistant /unphishable credentials to protect their organizations. However, extra security is not the only benefit; they are also saving money.

Best practices for going passwordless on-premises use FIDO2 or SmartCard?

FIDO2 for On-Premises Active Directory. Is it the Right Way to Go Passwordless?

One of the most common questions when going passwordless is how do you support legacy systems, While Microsoft supports FIDO2 on premises, the best solution, is to use SmartCard for legacy and FIDO2 for modern authentication.

How To Enable Self Onboarding for Passwordless (FIDO2, Azure CBA, and Phone Authentication) In Azure

How To Enable Self Onboarding for Passwordless (FIDO2, Azure CBA, and Phone Authentication) In Azure

As more organizations move to cloud-based solutions, the importance of secure and compliant authentication methods has become increasingly critical. While passwordless authentication methods are the pinnacle of security, they have a reputation of being incredibly tedious to set up. Learn how EZCMS can help you improve security while removing onboarding friction with FIDO2, Azure CBA, and Passwordless Phone Authentication.

SSH certificates cause data breaches

SSH The Weakest Point In Your Infrastructure

SSH has become the weakest point in cloud security and hackers have noticed. Over the past few years we have seen an exponential increase of cyber attacks targeted to SSH. Organizations adopting zero-trust architecture must take a hard look at their existing identity management for SSH.

Azure Passwordless authentication is here

How to Go Passwordless In Azure with Azure CBA

Stop phishing attacks with Microsofts unphishable credentials by using PIV X.509 certificates in Azure with Azure certificate based authentication (CBA) and become a fully passwordless organization.

Manage access to Linux with EZSSH

Do not Domain Join Linux VMs to Active Directory

While Domain joining your Linux machines to Active Directory might sound like a good way to do identity and access management for Linux at scale. Linux was not designed for this, and in the long term it will cause more issues than it solves. The solution SSH Certificates!

Azure Active Directory Login to Linux

AAD Login for Linux Machines is Here!

SSH Keys were designed for a time when SSH was protected by a strong network barrier. With today's zero trust world a stronger passwordless identity story is needed. This is why we created the first agent-less AAD based authentication for Linux endpoints.

How to rotate SSH Keys

The New way to rotate SSH keys is here!

At cloud scale simple tasks such as SSH key management become exponentially harder to do. Large companies such as Lyft and Facebook have moved on to SSH Certificates time for you to make the jump too!

How SSH Certificates Work

How SSH Certificates Work

SSH has become a target in the latest round of security breaches. Learn how SSH Certificates are the best way to protect your infrastructure by removing the need of life cycling SSH keys and improving user experience.

SSH Certificates

Are you still using SSH Keys? Start using SSH Certificates today!

SSH Keys have been the security standard for the last few decades. Time to modernize with a more secure and easy to lifecycle solution SSH Certificates.