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Our Story

Keytos was founded by Marcos Flegmann and Igal Flegmann, two brothers who had a shared vision of creating tools that would help organizations improve their security in a stress-free way.

They recognized that the problem with current security vulnerabilities wasn't the lack of security protocols, but rather the complexity of following best practices. With more than 9 years of experience creating PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and identity tools at Microsoft they were well-equipped to tackle this problem. They took their learnings from being world-class athletes and have made trust, persistence, and teamwork Keytos's core values. These values have created a cohesive and high-performing team that, in a short time, has revolutionized the PKI and identity space.


Keytos' mission has been to revolutionize the Identity Management and PKI industry by creating cryptographic tools that allow you to go passwordless by making security transparent to the user.

Modernize your PKI with the first Azure PKI

Azure PKI

EZCA is the first PKIaaS designed to make SSL certificate management transparent to the user by integrating with many Azure services.

Passwordless onboarding to Azure AD Entra ID

Passwordless Onboarding

EZCMS the first truly self-service and passwordless onboarding experience saves you money while securing your organization with passwordless identities.

Gain Visibility into all your Public and Private SSL certificates

SSL Monitoring

EZMonitor gives you full visibility into your SSL certificates and it is one of the few SSL monitoring tools recommended by Google to monitor all your SSL certificates.

Create Cloud RADIUS in Minutes in Azure

Cloud RADIUS as a Service

The first RADIUS as a Service designed to make it easy to secure your network with RADIUS and Entra ID.

Enable passwordless authentication to SSH endpoints with EZSSH

Just In Time Access To GiHub

EZGIT (an extension of EZSSH) enables you to use your corporate identity to create a short term SSH certificate to access your GitHub repositories. Removing the need for SSH keys and making your GitHub access more secure.

Enable passwordless authentication to SSH endpoints with EZSSH

ZeroTrust SSH

EZSSH enables SSO to your SSH endpoints by leveraging your corporate identity to create a short term SSH certificate, allowing you to transfer your corporate security policies to SSH while making the added security transparent to the user.

Why Keytos

Extend Your Already Secure Azure AD

Over the last 20+ years organizations have spent time and money securing your Active Directory Identity. As a Microsoft partner, our tools do not try to replace your existing Azure AD credential, instead we enhance it to enable you to go fully passwordless.

Central Management Reduces Your Risk Exposure

The Keytos toolset enables you to extend your security policies and tools such as conditional access, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) monitoring, and automation to the hard-to-reach yet critical security tasks such as SSH access management, SSL certificate management, and user bootstrapping.

Better User Experience

A major goal for the Keytos team is to make the secure way more convenient than the unsecure way. We prioritize customer experience by simplifying the user journey and automating repeating tasks. This approach has saved our customers thousands of engineering hours.

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Our team of security experts have designed our toolset to enable your organization to meet and exceed the strictest compliance requirements from Government requirements such as FedRAMP and Executive order 14028, to industry specific requirements such as HIPPA or even the industry wide requirements such as SOC 2 and PCI compliance

Investors & Backers

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