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Secure Your GitHub Code with SSH Certificates

Secure GitHub with Passwordless authentication
24 Mar 2021

Over the past few months we have seen Hackers targeting git repositories to steal companies source code. Because of these attacks, GitHub released a Blog post announcing the deprecation of password authentication for git operations. Unfortunately, SSH Keys are also being targeted. Thankfully GitHub Enterprise supports SSH certificates.

SSH Certificates Make User Onboarding Easier

With SSH Certificates user onboarding is easier! Since the CA is added for your whole organization, once the user is federated to your GitHub instance, they can get a certificate and start working. No need for the user to create an SSH Key and add it to their GitHub profile, saving you hours of productivity across your organization.

Simply Secure

Security professionals have been improving the corporate identity security and user experience by implementing MFA Solutions such as: Authenticator codes, PIV, and FIDO2. They have also been improving user experience with technologies such as single sing on. However, the tools that engineers use the most, and have the crown jewels of your organization are overlooked leaving the protection of those resources in the user’s hands.

EZGIT lets you use the same security policies you have set up for you corporate identity (conditional access, MFA, etc.) and removes the complexity of managing SSH keys by using your corporate identity to seamlessly create an SSH Certificate each time the user needs to authenticate to GitHub. It is as easy as typing ezssh git before using your favorite git management software.

No User Disruption

EZGIT integrates with the operating system’s SSH agent, meaning that it will integrate with most of the git 3rd party solutions that your engineers are already using to manage their code.

So what are you waiting for? Make your engineers work less, and your organization more secure by requesting a demo today!

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