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How to Onboard Smartcard Users in Entra CBA

SmartCard Management just got easy with Keytos and Azure
09 Aug 2022

Passwordless Authentication Just Got Easier with EZCMS and Azure Certificate-Based Authentication

To help organizations meet the requirements of the US Government Executive Order 14028 Microsoft introduced Azure Certificate-Based Authentication, an easy way for Azure customers to enable certificate based authentication without the need for an on-premise Active Directory Tenant and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). As a Microsoft partner, we always strive to complement their existing products and make it easier for organizations to go passwordless. Today we are excited to announce the release of EZCMS. EZCMS addresses the hardest and most expensive piece of the puzzle: user onboarding.

EZCMS meets organizations where they are by being a very customizable solution. From offering a fully on-premises offer for organizations that have not started their cloud migration, to a fully managed SaaS option where Keytos manages all infrastructure including the Certificate Authorities (CAs) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), and anything in between, EZCMS is the easiest way to onboard new users to passwordless authentication.

User Experience

To solve the chicken and egg problem of creating a passwordless identity without an initial password, EZCMS offers 4 different onboarding methods: Government ID with Face match, authentication with a whitelisted identity, IT Desk pre-loading the certificate before shipping, and using an existing multi-factor authentication method for this account. These self-service authentication options allow quicker onboarding while reducing IT Desk support by up to 92%.

More Than Just Identity Onboarding

The challenges of onboarding new users to smartcard authentication do not stop at the certificate creation, another main pain point customers need to solve for is smartcard distribution logistics. EZCMS includes smartcard request and distribution features that allow your team to easily manage and deliver smartcards. Keytos leverages a version of this software to offer a delivery program where we manage the smartcard distribution logistics for some EZCMS customers, freeing up their IT team to focus on other pressing tasks.

If you are interested in joining the passwordless future and protect your organization against phishing and stolen credentials, book a meeting with our identity experts and learn plan your passwordless journey.

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