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EZSmartCard is now EZCMS! What Does This Mean?

Keytos’ Passwordless Onboarding Tool EZSmartCard is now EZCMS
14 Sep 2023

So, you’ve probably heard the rumors and seen the signs that old reliable EZSmartCard is now EZCMS. We’re here to confirm this water cooler conversation piece, and since name changes warrant big announcements (we see you Entra ID), we figured we’d put out this release! But what does this name change mean for you and your organization? Absolutely nothing!

Still the Best FIDO2 and Smartcard CMS for Azure

If there’s no difference between EZSmartCard and EZCMS, why did we change the name? Great question – we changed the name because EZCMS encompasses so much more than just smartcards. EZCMS is the first & only Azure AD passwordless onboarding tool to support all 3 major authentication methods in Azure (Azure CBA, FIDO2, and Phone Authentication), and it is the best FIDO2 and smartcard CMS for Azure. That’s a whole lot more than just helping organizations go passwordless via smartcards.

Go Passwordless in Azure with EZCMS

Whether you know it as EZSmartCard or as EZCMS, the mission remains the same – to help the world go passwordless with as little hassle as possible. With EZCMS, you get best-in-class service at a fraction of the cost of the “other guys”. No matter what the name is, our dedication to helping your organization go passwordless will never waver. To read more about EZCMS can help your organization go passwordless in Azure, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today!

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