Passwordless onboarding tool For Azure Unphishable Credentials

EZCMS is the first truly passwordless onboarding tool for SmartCards and FIDO2 keys. EZCMS’s industry leading technology enables users to quickly create their secure identity without the help of the IT Help Desk. EZCMS’s zero trust design, was designed by industry leaders to help you overcome all the challenges of going passwordless.

Meet and Exceed Regulatory Requirements

With the rise of cyber-attacks have also come a wave of new regulatory requirements that require organizations to adopt the zero-trust identity features such as Microsoft’s unphishable credentials. EZCMS’s Zero trust design is the easiest way to enable Azure Certificate based Authentication and FIDO2 authentication. Our solution is designed to help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements such as NIST 800-63-3 FedRamp, Executive Order 1428, and CMMC.

Unphishable Credentials Accessible to All

While EZCMS was designed with highly regulated industries in mind, EZCMS is also the easiest way to enable Azure Certificate based Authentication and FIDO2 authentication for all organizations. Our quick and easy onboarding process in Azure allows organizations of all sizes to onboard and start issuing unphishable credentials in minutes.

Onboard Remote Entra ID Users in Minutes

EZCMS was designed for the modern workforce. This includes onboarding remote users, from sending them smartcards and Yubikeys, to our Yubikey integrity attestation to our face ID automated onboarding process. EZCMS is the easiest and most secure way to onboard remote users in minutes.