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How to Ship YubiKeys Worldwide with Ease

How to ship YubiKeys, global YubiKey shipping made easy
16 Oct 2023

Ship YubiKeys Worldwide with Ease with Keytos

Hardware keys (like YubiKeys) are great ways to go passwordless – in fact, we’re such huge fans that CEO Igal Flegmann has two whole keychains dedicated to YubiKeys! One of the pain points surrounding YubiKeys, though, is the shipping process. At Keytos, we believe that passwordless authentication is the future and nothing should get in the way of implementing it, so we’re here to make shipping YubiKeys worldwide easy.

How Keytos’ EZCMS Makes Shipping YubiKeys Painless

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to hardware key authentication is distributing the keys to all the team members around the globe. EZCMS takes care of the logistics of ordering and distributing hardware keys, allowing your IT team to focus on the pressing security issues while distribution is managed by our tool.

How do we do that? Keytos has a global infrastructure in place that allows us to work with local vendors across the globe to get your organization YubiKeys quickly and cost-effectively. Without going into all the back-end details, let’s say you are a company located in the US and you want to order 500 YubiKeys in India. Once you place your order with us, we will instantaneously reach out to our network of partners in India to find the closest and most inexpensive one, and we will send your order to them, thus saving you time, money (import taxes) and all the headaches that typically accompany YubiKey shipping.

Leverage our Existing Infrastructure

Let’s face it – your IT professionals were hired to be just that, IT professionals. They shouldn’t have to worry about spending hours of their time working on ordering and shipping YubiKeys; instead, they should be spending their time using said YubiKeys to help maintain and improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

So, if this shouldn’t fall on the IT guys, who should it fall on? Let it fall on Keytos! With EZCMS, our passwordless authentication onboarding CMS for Azure, we will leverage our existing infrastructure to take care of the shipping and logistics of deploying YubiKeys for you. Whether you are a large, medium, or small enterprise, deploying YubiKeys can be a massive pain. You have bigger things to worry about – Keytos can handle the shipping for you.

The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Ship YubiKeys Worldwide

If your organization is on a tight budget, you might be hesitant to order YubiKeys – most companies that you can order them from have some combination of high shipping and handling costs, high order minimums, and those pesky hidden fees, none of which look too good when you’re making the PowerPoint for your next budgeting meeting. By leveraging Keytos and EZCMS, you can drastically slash those costs and be a savings hero! We use our aforementioned global infrastructure to find local vendors to your office so that we can reduce shipping costs as much as possible. Additionally, we have no order minimum whatsoever! If you want to order 10 YubiKeys, Keytos will happily take your order. We also pride ourselves at Keytos on price transparency – you won’t find a single hidden fee associated with any of our products or offerings. Don’t believe us? Go to our pricing page or schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experts to see just how transparent and inexpensive our prices are for your use case.

You’ve Received Your YubiKeys – How Do You Validate Employees?

So we are talking about sending YubiKeys to people worldwide, how can you make sure that the person that got the YubiKey is the intended recipient? How do you validate your employees? To help organizations validate their user identity when onboarding a new user, we have created the EZCMS government ID verification system that enables fully passwordless onboarding by having the user scan their government ID and their face. We use that information and match it with your HR database, giving the user a seamless, zero touch onboarding experience while giving the organization the peace of mind that only authorized personnel are accessing their systems.

YubiKey Attestation

When you use EZCMS from Keytos, you don’t just get easy, inexpensive YubiKey shipping. You get access to the best CMS for Azure with the highest level of security and cryptographic attestation. EZCMS was created to guard the most critical of identities. YubiKey’s Attestation certificate allows EZCMS to not only cryptographically validate that the YubiKey being enrolled has not been interfered with, but also allows us to confirm that the YubiKey has been assigned to the user that is requesting the account. This, then, adds an extra attestation layer protecting organizations from supply chain attacks, and it is only possible with EZCMS’s industry-leading technology working hand-in-hand with industry leaders.

The EZCMS Advantage

Today’s zero-trust world has made organizations rethink everything about their user onboarding. Using a CMS designed for the modern workforce with capabilities for remote passwordless authentication onboarding and logistics software to manage your YubiKeys globally is truly the only way to go passwordless in Azure. With EZCMS, you can easily get started with any Entra ID passwordless authentication method, allowing you to eliminate single-use passwords and reduce IT helpdesk calls, all while resting easy knowing that you and your organization are more secure and unphishable than ever.

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