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True Passwordless Security - Ensuring the Safekeeping of Your Company's Data

True Passwordless Security
17 Oct 2023

What is True Passwordless?

Ever imagined a world without the hassle of remembering intricate passwords for EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM that you need to authenticate into? True passwordless authentication brings that dream to reality, replacing the traditional password-based system with innovative techniques. Instead of typing out a string of characters, you’re identified by the devices in your pocket (phone or hardware keys) or the unique characteristics you were born with—like fingerprints.

By leveraging modern tech, true passwordless strategies draw from biometric information and individual behavior to confirm identity. This isn’t just a fleeting trend—it’s a radical shift in how we think about digital safety. While most of us know (91% of us to be exact) that using the same password across platforms is a horrible idea, many still do it. With hackers becoming increasingly smarter every day, these habits expose us to countless vulnerabilities and leave us susceptible to attack.

Unlike solutions such as Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO), which still cling to passwords in some way, true passwordless authentication waves them goodbye. Everything is done without a single password in sight, eliminating one of the most vulnerable attack vectors. It’s about time we step into the future of secure access.

How Secure is Passwordless?

Passwordless authentication has emerged as the leading alternative to traditional password-based authentication. Touted not only for its enhanced security but also for the improved user experience, it’s being adopted by more organizations by the day. Yet, like any security approach, the effectiveness of passwordless authentication rests largely on its deployment. Let’s delve deeper into the merits of passwordless:

Bypass Password-Related Threats: Common vulnerabilities like brute-force attempts, password reuse, and weak password exploitation become things of the past.

Phishing Resilient: The absence of manual password entry naturally reduces the susceptibility to phishing attacks aimed at stealing login credentials.

User-Friendly: Gone are the days of juggling multiple passwords or hitting the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. This often translates to a decline in helpdesk queries related to password issues.

Seamless Integration with MFA: Passwordless doesn’t stand alone. It frequently incorporates elements of Multi-Factor Authentication, melding what you possess (think devices or keys) with inherent traits (like biometrics), enhancing overall security.

Why Should I Go Passwordless?

If your goal is to keep your organization’s data safe and secure, going password is an absolute inevitability. Reading this post is a great start on your passwordless journey! True passwordless authentication significantly enhances security, streamlines user experience, reduces operational challenges, and helps achieve compliance initiatives. …other than that, I suppose it’s basically useless.

Assuming you are a Microsoft customer, there is no need to set up complex passwordless authentication passwordless vendors, Microsoft enables passwordless authentication with FIDO2 and Azure CBA for free. Use the cards below to navigate to our content regarding on-prem, cloud-only, and hybrid environments! To automate key distribution and user onboarding, don’t forget about EZCMS, the one-stop-shop for all of your Azure passwordless authentication needs! …Did I mention that it’ll save you tons of money? …it’ll do that as well.

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