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How to Get Your Microsoft CA Ready for the Cloud

How to get your legacy ADCS ready for the cloud
05 Dec 2023

How to Create a Microsoft CA for Azure

When we created EZCA, the cloud-based Azure PKI, we wanted to make the creation and management of secure cloud-based CAs simple. To do so, we modernized the process of issuing certificates by both allowing anybody to create a secure CA in mere minutes and rethinking how certificates are tracked and managed.

Throughout Keytos’ existence, we have gotten many requests, with one of the most notable being, “We would love to use EZCA as the RA for our existing infrastructure!” If this sounds like you, you’re in luck!

Take Your On-Prem Infrastructure to the Cloud with EZCA

With EZCA, you are able to simultaneously modernize your existing PKI while retaining control over your CAs and private keys. And yes, before you ask, this is all done while maintaining your on-premises infrastructure’s security requirements.

All that EZCA needs to do this is a connection over 443 to a certificate agent, which you will manage. That’s it! This certificate agent requests certs from your certificate authority and promptly returns them to EZCA.

Agent Diagram
This no-nonsense setup allows your organization to bring your certificate management to the 21st century without having to go through the rigmarole of redeploying your secure CAs in the cloud. With EZCA, you can centralize your certificate management infrastructure in one modern app, protecting you against those pesky, costly outages and enabling key employees to rid themselves of the time-consuming work of manual certificate management and issuance.

Learn How EZCA Can Help Modernize Your Organization’s PKI For FREE!

If modernizing your organization’s PKI sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our PKI experts or set up your FREE TRIAL OF EZCA in Azure today!

NOTE: Azure bills you during the 1st week of every month, so for a free trial of EZCA in Azure, all you need to do is cancel your subscription before the end of the current month.

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