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Intune Certificate Authority for Devices – MDM Made Easy by Keytos

Intune CA for Devices - MDM Made Easy by Keytos
06 Oct 2023

Selecting the Right Intune CA for Device Management

When considering a 3rd Party CA to integrate with Intune, you first need to take into account your organization’s needs and objectives. We’re talking about which devices and platforms need support, what kinds of certificates you’ll be deploying, scalability, security, and whatever else may be unique to your use case. Once you’ve got a comprehensive understanding of your needs, it’s much easier to align those to the features and capabilities of prospective CAs.

Most everyone responsible for managing devices access across their organization using Intune has eventually been stumped by a couple of questions. “What’s the best Certificate Authority for Intune?” and “How am I going to take care of all these dang certificates?” Luckily for you, we’ve created EZCA to help you modernize your PKI in minutes! Our Azure native CA was designed specifically to help leverage your existing Microsoft resources to achieve their full potential.

Selecting a vendor for an Intune CA is not just about ticking checkboxes; it’s about forging a partnership that will uphold the integrity of your organization’s communication and data security. Keep reading to learn more about how the ex-Microsoft PKI experts have designed EZCA to be the most secure CA for Intune.

Replace Your Outdated ADCS with the First Ever Cloud-Based PKI for Intune

EZCA fully replaces your old on-premises ADCS certificate authority by enabling you to perform all the functions that your legacy CA did, minus having to fret about the maintenance and upkeep that is necessary to run a highly available PKI. EZCA can issue domain controller certificates for Hello For Business Hybrid, regular SSL certificates for internal sites and service to service authentication, and smartcard certificates. Check out our blog on how to create an Azure-based CA for Intune to learn more about how EZCA helps issue these types of certificates.

Issue SCEP Certificates

The Security community has been eager for an Azure-native PKI that can issue SCEP certs for years now. Our integration allows organizations to now use passwordless authentication for their Virtual Private Network (VPN), network infrastructure, and more! All without the need for a large on-premises infrastructure. This includes eliminating the need for domain controllers, certificate authorities, hardware security modules (HSMs), certificate revocation list (CRL) servers, and SCEP servers. Take a look at how much EZCA has simplified the process!

See How Easy It Is to Create SCEP Certificates for Intune w/ EZCA

By leveraging our Azure-based PKI solution, organizations can now easily and securely issue/manage SCEP certificates for Intune without the need for a large team to maintain and manage their infrastructure. Watch how easy it really is!

EZCA is the Best Intune CA for Device Management

Whether you are creating a new private PKI hierarchy or chaining up to your existing Root CA, EZCA will help you create a secure and cloud-scale Azure based Certificate Authority for Intune device management that meets and exceeds industry standards. Click here to speak with the PKI Experts NOW!

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