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Why You Should Automate SSL Certificate Renewal

The Importance of SSL Certificate Automation in Improving Your Organization's Security Posture
12 Dec 2023

The Importance of SSL Automation

SSL certificates play a crucial role in securing network traffic and validating the identities of devices and applications across your organization; however, as the number of certificates an organization needs to manage increases, so does the complexity of managing them. SSL automation is a major part of our recommended PKI and SSL certificate management best practices. But why is certificate automation so important?

Automate SSL Certificate Renewal to Enhance Your Website’s Security and Credibility

Lives get busy, schedules get filled, memories fail – we get it. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to automate SSL certificate renewal. You see, SSL certificates have a fixed validity period, and once they expire, they are no longer accepted by clients and cause an outage. Visitors might see security warnings pop up when visiting your site, leading them to lose trust in your site and potentially driving them away for good. Automated renewal eliminates the risk of forgetting to renew certificates, allowing your organization to maintain continuous website security and ensure that your website is always up and running without any security-related interruptions (which, in turn, vastly improves your site’s credibility to incoming visitors).

Automating SSL Certificate Renewal Makes You Scalable

As your organization grows, so does the number of your digital assets. Automating SSL certificate renewal scales alongside your growth, handling any number of certificates without any additional workload being thrown onto the shoulders of your IT department. By automating certificate renewal, you ensure that as your digital footprint expands, your security posture remains robust, efficient, and capable of adapting to new challenges and opportunities, setting up your organization for prolonged security success.

Even when looking at the cybersecurity landscape as a whole, automating SSL certificate renewal helps your organization stay up-to-date and scalable! The technology and standards surrounding SSL certificates are constantly evolving; automated renewal systems are typically updated to adapt to these changes, ensuring that your organization always remains on the cutting edge of security practices.

EZCA is the Best SSL Certificate Renewal Automation Tool for You

If you want to start automating certificate renewal at your organization but you’re not sure how to start, we recommend looking at EZCA, the best and most cost-effective CA for Entra. EZCA allows you to create your own CA or connect to your existing CA and it integrates with the most popular key management systems as well as Linux and Windows to automate SSL certificate management, rotation and renewal across both cloud and hybrid deployments. To learn more about how EZCA can help your organization start its journey towards inexpensive certificate automation, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our ex-Microsoft PKI experts today!

Final Thoughts on SSL Certificate Renewal Automation

Ultimately, automating SSL certificate renewal is not just a matter of convenience – it’s a strategic move towards enhancing your organization’s online security, credibility and operational efficiency. By embracing automation, you mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and position your organization to successfully navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

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