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Best Intune SCEP Certificate Authority

The Best Intune SCEP Certificate Authority (Intune SCEP CA)
17 Oct 2023

Odds are you’ve landed here after the long and tedious exercise that is searching the internet for the best Intune SCEP CA. We know that selecting the right Certificate Authority (CA) to issue Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) certificates for Intune can be challenging, to say the least! With numerous vendors and factors to consider, how can you really be certain you’re making the right decision? Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation for you! This blog post aims to guide security developers by aligning key selection criteria with the remarkable features of EZCA, the first Azure-native CA designed with Intune SCEP in mind!

Intune SCEP Capabilities – Trusted Microsoft Intune CA Partner

EZCA is a trusted Intune Microsoft Certificate Authority partner allowing Microsoft customers to set up a secure and compliant Azure based Certificate Authority for Intune SCEP. EZCA seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Intune, ensuring a streamlined process of Intune based certificate distribution. Leveraging the robust infrastructure of Azure, EZCA provides enterprises with a scalable, reliable, and highly available Certificate Authority solution tailored for the modern workplace. By choosing EZCA, organizations can confidently secure their mobile and endpoint devices, fostering a safer digital environment while benefiting from Microsoft’s advanced cloud capabilities. Experience the synergy of Microsoft Intune SCEP and EZCA, and elevate your organization’s security infrastructure to new heights. Beyond SCEP, EZCA champions modern infrastructure by enabling your PKI to issue certificates through the ACME protocol. EZCA is recognized for being the most complete PKI solution available. Click here to see how we stack up against the competition!

More Than Your Average Certificate Authority

As you can clearly see from the reddit post below, there’s a significant and always increasing demand for certificate authorities that can do more than JUST issue certificates without breaking the bank.

"Options for Hybrid PKI" Reddit post

In addition to SCEP certificates, easily issue domain controller certs for Hello for Business, Internal, Service to Service, and Smart Card certificates with EZCA. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive solution, look no further. EZCA is the easy choice.

Security and Compliance

Another one of your top priorities when considering an Intune SCEP CA should be its security posture. In today’s hack-prone cyber environment, the security of your certificates directly correlates with the overall protection of your organization’s data and reputation. Subpar security practices can leave enterprises vulnerable to breaches, data leaks, and trust erosion. Recognizing this, we’ve incorporated the following security measures:

FIPS Validation: One of the highest standards for cryptographic modules is FIPS 140-2. EZCA proudly boasts Certificate Authorities with FIPS 140-2 validated components, ensuring your certificates are as secure as possible.

HSM Integration: EZCA allows for robust HSM integration, including the option to “Bring Your Own HSM”. This means you can control your CA keys, granting EZCA only the necessary access, maximizing key protection.


Without question, price will always play a role when selecting vendors. I’m sure by now that you’ve filled out a dozen online forms, received a number of nauseating qualification e-mails from crummy sales reps asking about the size of your organization and budget for the project, and have been banging your head against the proverbial wall trying to figure out exactly how much this is going to cost you. Unlike our competitors, we have absolutely nothing to hide when it comes to pricing. What you see is what you get, for as little as $200/month, you can get up-and-running with your own world class Intune SCEP CA!

Transparent Pricing: EZCA not only provides a world-class PKI but does so at a fraction of the traditional cost. Our simple monthly subscription is a testament to our commitment to transparent, affordable pricing.

While selecting the best Intune SCEP CAs may seem confusing, aligning key considerations with a CA’s offerings can simplify the selection process. EZCA, with its plethora of features tailored to modern security needs, emerges as the best choice for organizations aiming to enhance their digital security infrastructure. Read more about how EZCA’s functionality and features here!

Watch How Easy it is to Issue Intune SCEP Certificates using EZCA

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