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How It Works

EZCA eliminates the complexity of creating and managing a PKI infrastructure by automating the: provisioning, management, and monitoring.

HSM Backed PKI

EZCA uses Azure Key Vault and Azure Managed HSM to empower you to create Geo-Redundant HSM backed Certificates Authorities without the need of manually provisioning and managing the HSMs. EZCAs bring your own HSM solution allows organizations to manage their own HSMs while still leveraging all the amazing features EZCA offers.

Seamless Integration With Your Cloud Infrastructure

EZCA integrates with your cloud key management system to automatically issue and rotate certificates keeping your certificates safe, while saving your team countless hours of certificate management tasks.

Automatic Certificate Rotation and Renewal

EZCA uses industry leading certificate rotation technology that allows you to monitor and automatically rotate and renew all of your companies certificate. Minimizing the risks of a mismanaged certificate causing an outage, or even worse a breach.

Automatic CRL Distribution

EZCA eliminates one of the most common PKI cause outages by automating the issuance and distribution of Certificate Revocation Lists by leveraging our global CDN infrastructure.

Easy To Monitor

EZCA offers dashboards that give IT admins the visibility to all the issued certificates, allowing you to monitor and detect issues before bad actors do. EZCAs SIEM integration allows security teams to use their existing tools to monitor and secure their infrastructure.

Monitoring of CT Logs

EZCA monitors the major Certificate Transparency logs and will alert your security team if an unauthorized certificate is created for one of your domains.

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