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Automatically Rotate GlobalSign SSL Certificates for Free with EZCA

Meet Google's 90-day certificate requirement with GlobalSign and Keytos, Automatically Rotate GlobalSign SSL Certificates for Free with EZCA
21 Aug 2023

To meet Google’s upcoming 90-day certificate requirements, you must automate certificate issuance. While EZCA’s certificate automation has been helping organizations around the world automate their private certificates for years, we are now excited to announce our integration with GlobalSign’s managed SSL solution, making it easier than ever to fully automate your private and public certificates. The best part? It is free for all Premium and Enterprise customers of EZCA.

Why Automate SSL Certificate Renewal?

SSL/TLS certificates form the backbone of web security, ensuring that data between users and websites is transmitted securely; however, as organizations grow, managing these certificates can become tedious, especially as the frequency of renewal increases, such as with Google’s 90-day certificate requirements. The automation of this process not only saves time but also reduces the risk of downtime due to expired certificates.

The Benefits of Using EZCA with GlobalSign’s Managed SSL Solution:

Automated Renewals: Forget about setting reminders. With EZCA’s automation, the renewal of your GlobalSign SSL certificates is seamless.

Unified Management: Manage both your private and public certificates from a single dashboard, streamlining the process and offering better visibility.

Cost Efficiency: While some might think that automation comes with an additional cost, this integration is absolutely free for Premium and Enterprise customers, ensuring top-notch security without added expenses or hidden fees.

Reduced Human Errors: With automation in place, the chances of missing renewal dates or misconfigurations are reduced significantly.

Compliance: Stay compliant with Google’s 90-day certificate policy and other industry standards without the manual hassle.

How to Automatically Rotate GlobalSign MSSL Certificates with EZCA

Setting it up is super simple! You can read our step by step documentation or watch the short video below where we walk you through how to connect your EZCA subscription and issue your first GlobalSign certificate in less than 5 minutes.

Conclusion – Simplify SSL Certificate Management with GlobalSign and EZCA

The integration of EZCA with GlobalSign’s managed SSL solution is a significant step forward in simplifying SSL certificate management. By leveraging this integration, businesses can ensure uninterrupted service, secure data transmissions, and compliance with industry standards. Given that this feature is free for Premium and Enterprise users, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this seamless integration and keep your websites running smoothly and securely. Do you have questions about the new Google 90 day requirements and how they might affect you? Meet with our PKI experts for a free personalized SSL health assessment today!

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