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What is the Best Azure YubiKey Management Service?

How To Ship YubiKeys Worldwide With Ease and implement passwordless for remote users
03 Mar 2024

The Best Azure YubiKey Management Service: How EZCMS by Keytos Simplifies Going Passwordless

As one of team members at Keytos, I’ve had the unique privilege of observing our CEO, Igal Flegmann, in his natural habitat, surrounded by an impressive array of security tokens – from YubiKeys on two full keychains to a small collection of HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) that safeguard our digital assets. I’ve also come to learn about and love my YubiKeys! My firsthand experience with this passwordless tech has turned me into a champion of the brand, and I’ve been spreading the good word to everyone that’ll listen about how these little things will save your organization considerable time and money in the long run. Not to mention, if you’re the person tasked with or responsible for fortifying your organizations’ security posture in 2024, they’re a serious “cover you own @$$” mechanism to prevent phishing within your organization!

Clearly, we’re huge proponents of leveraging FIDO2 for authentication and suggest that you begin to explore employing this tech (or some other kind of passwordless authentication) across your organization. That being said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to migrating to passwordless solutions. Luckily for us, technology has come an exceptionally long way in recent years, and the actual onboarding of these keys is relatively easy. Most modern-day security practitioners comfortable operating with Azure or Entra will have an absolute breeze with the requisite admin work to get these keys up-and-running. So, where’s the hang up? Surprisingly, it’s regarding the sourcing and shipping of these keys to your employees. The following post will explore how Keytos is truly your one-stop-shop when it comes to procuring and distributing these keys across the globe, making the one obstacle in the process of going passwordless virtually irrelevant. Let’s discuss…

Outsourcing YubiKey Logistics to Focus on Security

IT professionals are hired for their expertise in technology and security, not for managing the logistics of hardware distribution. EZCMS enables organizations to delegate the responsibility of sourcing and shipping logistics to Keytos, allowing IT teams to leverage YubiKeys in bolstering the cybersecurity posture of their organization without getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Thanks to Keytos’ global infrastructure and partnerships with local vendors, organizations can enjoy rapid, cost-effective delivery of YubiKeys worldwide, circumventing the usual hurdles of high shipping costs, import taxes, and logistical headaches. Whether dealing with large-scale deployments or smaller orders, Keytos ensures a pain-free process, emphasizing the importance of focusing on security rather than logistics.

Cost-Efficiency and Transparency

Budget constraints are a common concern for organizations looking to adopt YubiKeys. Keytos addresses this by leveraging its global network to minimize shipping costs and eliminate order minimums and hidden fees. This approach not only makes the process more budget-friendly but also transparent, as evidenced by Keytos’ clear pricing and the option for FREE consultations. Organizations can now invest in YubiKeys without worrying about the financial impact, thanks to Keytos’ efficient and straightforward approach.

Ensuring Secure YubiKey Onboarding and Attestation

Upon receiving YubiKeys, validating the identity of recipients is crucial. EZCMS incorporates a government ID verification system, facilitating a passwordless onboarding experience that aligns with zero-trust security principles. Moreover, EZCMS’s support for YubiKey attestation provides an added layer of security, ensuring that each YubiKey is authentic and assigned to the correct user. This feature is vital in protecting against supply chain attacks, showcasing EZCMS’s commitment to the highest security standards.

A Holistic Approach to Passwordless Authentication

Adopting passwordless authentication in Azure with EZCMS offers a comprehensive solution that addresses both the logistical and security aspects of deploying YubiKeys. By eliminating reliance passwords, organizations can enhance their security posture, reduce IT helpdesk calls, and ensure a more secure, unphishable environment. EZCMS by Keytos stands out as the best Azure YubiKey management service, embodying the future of passwordless authentication with its innovative, user-friendly platform.

Getting Started with YubiKeys and EZMCS

For organizations looking to embark on the journey towards zero trust, the Keytos security team stands ready to guide you through every step of the process. Whether you prefer a direct conversation to tailor a passwordless strategy that best fits your needs or choose to explore at your own pace through our extensive passwordless documentation we are here to support you. Our YouTube channel is rich with tutorials and step-by-step guides, meticulously designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a seamless transition. We invite you to reach out at your convenience to discuss how we can help secure your operations against the cyber threats of tomorrow by leveraging YubiKeys.

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