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Best PKI Consultants for The Modern Enterprise and Passwordless Authentication

Best PKI Consultants for The Modern Enterprise and Passwordless Authentication Built by ex-Microsoft Cloud PKI Engineers
11 May 2024

The Best PKI Consultants Are the People That Build the Tools – Keytos’ EZCA and the Case for DIY PKI

We’re thrilled at the opportunity to demonstrate why Keytos stands as the best PKI consultants for your organization, and the reason why may surprise you… While other PKI consultancies may entice you with yearly retainers, promising on-site teams that ultimately drain your resources, Keytos offers a refreshingly effective approach. Our track record clearly demonstrates that we’ve been providing tangible, enterprise-level solutions for industry giants like Microsoft, Government Agencies, school systems, public infrastructure, and mom-and-pop small businesses alike since we opened our doors a few years back.

The prevailing notion that PKI is overly complex and requires years of expertise is a narrative we’re dedicated to changing. Historically, this fear has been perpetuated by consultants who, to put it bluntly, exploited the complexity for their gain, convincing organizations of the need for their services to navigate setup processes that, while not trivial, have been dramatically simplified over time. In 2024, with the use of the right tools (like EZCA), PKI doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive ordeal. We’re essentially advocating that everyone takes a DIY approach to PKI and stops relying on outside “experts” to click their way through a setup wizard for.

That being said, for organizations that prefer personalized guidance through implementation and full deployment, Keytos happily offers expert-level consulting without the pressure of long-term contracts. We’re committed to making our tools and services accessible and easy to use, ensuring you not only achieve, but also sustain, the highest level of security with minimal fuss.

Why Consider Keytos for Your PKI Consulting Needs?

Expertise: At Keytos, our engineering and development teams are composed almost exclusively of former Microsoft PKI engineers. These are the minds that crafted and implemented PKI solutions across multiple business units within Microsoft, showcasing our unparalleled depth of experience. Recognizing the gap in accessible PKI and passwordless solutions, they developed an intuitive toolset designed for the everyday security practitioner. Our ethos is centered on demystifying PKI, providing powerful, straightforward tools that eliminate the need for expensive, often unnecessary consulting hours from supposed “experts.”

Proven Excellence: Our reputation is built on a foundation of proven excellence. We’re not just consultants; we’re creators and implementers of robust PKI solutions that have stood the test of time and security challenges. Our work with leading corporations has not only showcased our ability to handle complex, large-scale deployments but also our commitment to making PKI accessible to all organizations, regardless of size or industry.

Commitment to the PKI Community: PKI has evolved significantly in the past five years, becoming more accessible and understandable than ever before. The abundance of documentation and tutorial videos available today serves to demystify PKI, offering clear, practical guidance for applying its principles. Our contribution to this educational landscape is substantial, with a robust library of video content and documentation designed to empower you. From explaining the basics of x509 certificates to guiding you through the creation of an Intune SCEP Certificate Authority, our resources are tailored to foster a comprehensive understanding of PKI. By providing the community with the assets to grasp and apply PKI concepts, we’re not just advocating for a shift towards better security practices; we’re leading it.

Keytos isn’t just another consultancy firm. In fact, we’re proud to say we’re not a consulting firm at all! We’re here to be your strategic partner in achieving and maintaining a secure digital infrastructure. Our unique blend of expertise, innovative tools like EZCA, and a commitment to affordable, efficient solutions makes us the ideal choice for your PKI needs. Let Keytos be the key to unlocking the full potential of your organization’s security, paving the way for a secure, zero-trust future. Feel free to download our Professional Services deck or go ahead and schedule some time to talk to a PKI Expert!

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