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How Does ManageEngine Issue Certificates Through SCEP?

How ManageEngine and SCEP work together
25 Jan 2024

How SCEP Works with ManageEngine

ManageEngine a cloud-based solution for endpoint management, uses SCEP to help with the distribution and management of digital certificates managed by ManageEngine. But, how? This blog aims to answer that age-old question! You can also check out the video below produced by our resident PKI extraordinaire for a more visual look at how to set up a SCEP CA in ManageEngine.

How to Issue ManageEngine SSL Certificates with EZCA

The certificate creation process in ManageEngine begins with the system sending a challenge to the client device. Following this, the device generates a private key and a CSR which it sends along with the challenge to EZCA. EZCA then confirms the challenge matches the expected challenge for that request. Once EZCA validates the request, EZCA proceeds to create the certificate, which ManageEngine then installs on the device.

How to create a certificate authority (CA) for ManageEngine with EZCA by Keytos

Utilizing ManageEngine SCEP enables organizations to combine the certificate management capabilities of SCEP with ManageEngine’s extensive device management and security features – a real win-win. This integration facilitates centralized control, automation, and implementation of certificate policies across all ManageEngine managed devices. It streamlines the issuance and renewal of certificates on a broad scale, ensuring that devices are equipped with the necessary credentials for secure communication and authentication within the organization’s network.

In recent years, setting up a private PKI with EZCA has become markedly simpler and more straightforward. You can establish your own private CA in just a few minutes (our engineering team’s record is just under 5 minutes)! Don’t believe us? Feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our ex-Microsoft PKI experts today to see how EZCA can help your organization issue ManageEngine SCEP certificates with ease.

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