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How to Get SSL Certificates with ManageEngine SCEP

How can you get SSL/TLS certificates with ManageEngine SCEP?
16 Jan 2024

How to Get SSL Certificates for ManageEngine Managed Devices

ManageEngine provides the capability to authenticate devices using SCEP certificates, offering a robust method for device security and facilitating passwordless device access. Getting these certificates, though, can be somewhat challenging. This blog will guide you through obtaining SSL certificates for ManageEngine managed devices. While it is possible to get these for “free” through the ADCS, we like to save time and frustration here at Keytos, so we will focus on using EZCA, the cloud-based PKI.

How to Create a SCEP CA for ManageEngine in Minutes

The introduction of a cloud CA with SCEP certificate issuance for ManageEngine enables organizations to implement passwordless authentication across VPNs, network infrastructure, and more, all while avoiding the requirement for extensive on-prem setups. This approach removes the necessity for components like domain controllers, HSMs, CAs, CRLs, OCSP, and SCEP servers.

Using EZCA, Keytos’s cloud-based PKI solution, organizations can now effortlessly and securely issue and manage SCEP certificates for ManageEngine. This eliminates the need for a large infrastructure support team, significantly reducing the traditionally high barriers of entry for companies aiming to adopt a passwordless model in a solely cloud-based framework.

How to Get ManageEngine SCEP Certificates

We know what you’re thinking right about now – “I can’t wait to start getting and issuing ManageEngine SCEP certificates with EZCA! Let’s get started!” Honestly, we don’t blame you, it’s a very exciting step in your PKI journey; however, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves – we haven’t even had a chance to tell you the essential steps to launch your ManageEngine SCEP certificate program yet! Here they are:

1) Set up the Keytos application in your tenant.

2) Establish your EZCA instance within Azure.

3) With your EZCA instance ready, you can now set up your ManageEngine SCEP CA!

4) Finally, configure your ManageEngine device profiles and start distributing secure ManageEngine SCEP certificates to your users’ devices.

Yep, that’s it! You’ll be up and running faster than you can say, “Thank you EZCA!”

How to Create a Certificate Authority for ManageEngine With EZCA and Without EZCA

Replace Your Old Microsoft CA with a Cloud-Based CA

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to set up ManageEngine SCEP with EZCA, you’ll be thrilled to learn that EZCA’s capabilities extend beyond ManageEngine certificates! It effectively replaces your legacy on-premises Microsoft certificate authority, enabling you to accomplish all that your traditional CA did but without the burdensome maintenance and management typically required for an efficient PKI. Besides ManageEngine SCEP certificates, EZCA can also issue:

Domain Controller Certs for Hybrid Windows Hello For Business

This is a key component for true passwordless authentication and an essential part of any modern IT infrastructure. Windows Hello For Business offers a passwordless authentication method for accessing corporate resources. EZCA facilitates the issuance of necessary domain controller certificates for Hybrid Key Trust Hello For Business deployment.

SSL Certs for Internal Websites & Service-to-Service Auth

EZCA streamlines the process of SSL certificate issuance through Azure Integrations and supports modern issuance methods like local network ACME. This integration allows engineers to employ familiar tools for automating certificate lifecycles, enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction.

Smartcard Certs

If you’re exploring SCEP certificates for ManageEngine devices, you might also be considering other passwordless authentication methods such as smartcards, Entra CBA, and FIDO2 keys. EZCA integrates with EZCMS, the first fully passwordless authentication onboarding tool for Entra, facilitating a smooth transition from ManageEngine SCEP to a completely passwordless and unphishable environment.

Compliant & Secure

At the core of a dependable and efficient identity management system are security and compliance, and we highly prioritize these aspects. Developed by former Microsoft PKI specialists, EZCA adheres to all essential protocols and procedures to safeguard our infrastructure and to not just meet but surpass international compliance norms. With EZCA, you have the assurance of your Azure-based PKI operating at a top-tier level, offering the utmost in security and regulatory adherence.

Keytos is Your Guide to a Passwordless Future

Modernize Your PKI with EZCA

Besides issuing ManageEngine SCEP certificates, EZCA provides additional features like automatic Azure Application certificate rotation using Key Vault, easy Azure IoT integration, Microsoft CA management, and local ACME integration. This positions EZCA as the most comprehensive PKI solution available for Azure.

Achieve Complete Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2, Smartcard, and Phone Authentication

At Keytos, our primary mission is to assist organizations in transitioning to a fully passwordless environment. While we’ve explained how EZCA can aid in issuing SCEP certificates for ManageEngine managed devices, a major challenge in achieving truly passwordless authentication is user onboarding. Discover how EZCMS collaborates with EZCA to guide organizations towards complete passwordless authentication.

Transparent Pricing Model

Keytos is committed to straightforward pricing without hidden costs or excessive charges. We aim to enhance cybersecurity, affordably. Our pricing is based on the type of CA for each of our three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Private Infrastructure. For detailed information on each pricing tier, visit the EZCA pricing page. With Keytos, you can rest assured that you get unmatched value and quality at a transparent price.

Consult with an Ex-Microsoft PKI Expert Today!

If you’re interested in learning more or discussing setting up your ManageEngine CA with a PKI expert, you can set up a FREE consultation with one of our engineers today!

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