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How EZRADIUS Provides a Secure Cloud RADIUS Service

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EZRADIUS is a cloud-based RADIUS as a Service that allows you to secure your network with the same level of security that large enterprises and government use, without the need of managing and maintaining the infrastructure. EZRADIUS is designed to be easy to use and integrate with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to secure your network in minutes.

How is EZRADIUS Different?

EZRADIUS was designed and built from the ground up to be a cloud-based RADIUS as a Service. From our easy to deploy Azure Marketplace offering, to our seamless integrations with Microsoft Intune and Entra ID, EZRADIUS is designed to be easy to use and integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Automatic Certificate Rotation and Renewal

EZRADIUS' integration with EZCA, automatically rotates and renews the certificates used for EAP-TLS, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing the risk of outages due to expired certificates. From the CA certificates to the server and client certificates, EZRADIUS and EZCA take care of the entire certificate lifecycle, enabling you to deploy a full PKI without the years needed to master the technology.

Easy To Monitor

EZRADIUS offers dashboards that give IT admins the visibility to all the issued certificates, allowing you to monitor and detect issues before bad actors do. EZRADIUS SIEM integration allows security teams to use their existing tools to monitor and secure their infrastructure.

Simple Billing - No Hidden Fees

EZRADIUS simple pricing model allows you to manage as many users as you need without worrying about hidden fees. EZRADIUS pricing is based on the number of active users, allowing you to scale your infrastructure without worrying about the upfront cost or long term contracts.

RADIUS Authentication Workflow


User (or Device) Initiates Authentication with Access Point


The Access Point Offloads the Authentication to the RADIUS Service


The Radius Service Authenticates the certificate and ensures it is a valid certificate


If configured, EZRADIUS validates group membership with Entra ID


If configured, EZRADIUS validates the device meets the compliance requirements with Intune


EZRADIUS assigns the appropriate VLAN and returns the authentication result to the Access Point


Periodically, the Access Point sends Accounting logs to EZRADIUS


EZRADIUS will store those logs and make them available for your network administrators.


If configured, EZRADIUS will also send all logs to your SIEM or to a log analytics instance.


Your network now has a secure and auditable passworldless network access.

how radius authentication works with Entra ID and Intune

Secure Your Organization with Cloud Based RADIUS in Minutes

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