EZRADIUS Cloud Based RADIUS Documentation

EZRADIUS allows you to run and scale a RADIUS service without the hard to configure and maintain infrastructure. By connecting to your existing infrastructure, EZRADIUS can be up and running in minutes. With our Azure integrations and cloud PKI offerings, you can move your network authentication to the cloud and be sure that your users will always be able to access the resources they need.

Simple to Implement EAP-TLS

EZRADIUS allows you to easily implement EAP-TLS, the most secure RADIUS authentication method. EAP-TLS uses client-side certificates to authenticate users, making it the most secure method of RADIUS authentication. EZRADIUS can trust your existing PKI infrastructure, or you can use our cloud PKI offerings to create a new one.

Conditional Access Policies

While EAP-TLS is the most secure method of RADIUS authentication, certificates are static and do not contain the latest information, EZRADUIS allows you to utilize the user or device information from the certificate to check the current status of the device and or group membership to make sure that the device is still compliant with your organization’s security policies.

Secure By Default

Running a RADIUS server can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to security. EZRADIUS was designed and gets periodically tested by Identity experts across the world. Making it easy for anyone to set up a world class RADIUS server in minutes.