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Keyfactor Alternative for Azure Customers - Keytos

What is the Best Keyfactor Alternative? Keytos

Are you looking for a Keyfactor alternative? You have come to the right place!. Keytos has been leading the cryptography and PKI space in Azure for the past few years by creating cloud native PKI and Passwordless SSH solutions that help organizations scale and protect their cloud.

One of the main reasons many Azure customers (from Fortune 500 companies to small startups) choose Keytos and EZCA as their Azure Certificate Authority is because of our native integrations with Azure services, making it easy for you to create your PKIaaS in Azure and set it and forget it - EZCA will then take care of all the certificate management operations on its own. EZCA gained popularity in the IoT space due to its amazing guides that take you through the whole process of creating certificates for Azure IoT from IoT security best practices to step by step guides of using certificate authentication in Azure IoT hub, as well as our easy to use API's and NuGet package making IoT certificate issuance and management as easy as possible.

IoT Certificate Management with Azure IoT Integration

When creating an IoT application, you don't want to waste time managing a secure and scalable Certificate Authority. This is why we have created our one-click integration with Azure IoT. This integration not only allows you to create a certificate authority and connect it to your Azure IoT Hub in minutes, but it also is the only certificate authority to notify Azure IoT hub when a certificate is revoked, allowing you to spend your time where it matters: creating an amazing IoT devices for your customers. To make it easier for you to get up and running with secure IoT devices, we have also created a guide on IoT identity security best practices.

Automatic Azure Key Vault Certificate Rotation

While EZCA offers many automatic certificate issuance protocols such as SCEP and ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment), one of the most used features is our one-click Azure Key Vault certificate creation and management integration. This integration enables users to securely create and manage certificates following Azure best practices with an HSM (Hardware Security Module)-backed Azure Key Vault. This integration fully automates certificate issuance in Azure.

Intune and SCEP Integration

SCEP is the most popular way for IT teams across the world to issue certificates to their managed devices. EZCA's SCEP feature allows you to issue certificates to your managed devices in minutes!. EZCA's easy setup and management has made it one of the Microsoft- recommended Certificate Authorities for Intune and, with our latest self-service user certificate feature, even users with non-managed devices can easily get certificates.

Smartcard & FIDO2 Issuance and Management

Keytos helps you secure your organization by also giving you the ability to source, manage, and ship your hardware keys and smartcards. EZCMS is the only credential management system that can onboard FIDO2 Keys to Entra ID's native FIDO2 solution, and our unique key attestation technology and government ID AI matching technology, makes it secure to onboard your remote workforce from anywhere in the world.

SSH Access Management with SSH Certificates

EZSSH revolutionized the SSH industry by being the first SSH access management tool that allows you to get just in time (JIT) access to your SSH endpoints with your Entra ID account without a high privilege agent or even a network connection to your endpoints, allowing you to implement all your access management policies such as RBAC and conditional access while utilizing cryptographic certificates that are native to the SSH protocol.

Connect Your PKI to Your SIEM With our Sentinel Integration

As a Microsoft Security partner, we simply could not create Azure based solutions without sending all alerts and logs to Azure Sentinel. All Keytos tools send all security logs to Azure Sentinel, allowing you to have a single pane of glass where your SOC team can monitor your infrastructure and detect anomalies.

Why Is Keytos the #1 Keyfactor Alternative?

Secure and Compliant While ease of use and quick setup are important factors for a PKI solution, ensuring security and compliance is paramount. Keytos is a globally trusted security solution provider that prioritizes security by adopting industry-leading measures to secure our infrastructure. Our team of experts constantly monitors and updates our systems to ensure that they meet the highest security standards. Additionally, our SaaS offerings' high availability SLA allow your team to focus on other pressing security issues while your CAs will automatically be updated and secured.

Identity & PKI Expertise and Guidance Creating a new Certificate Authority can be an intimidating process. Our team of PKI experts will be with you every step of the way! When you book your first EZCA demo, an ex-Microsoft PKI expert will join the call and guide you through the whole process. Additionally, this same expert will be available to answer any questions you may have as you continue your PKI planning, ensuring you are following best practices.

Affordable Cloud Scale PKI While many legacy PKI vendors have modernized their PKI solutions by modifying their on-premises solution to work and run on the cloud, we have built EZCA from the ground up to maximize the scalability and availability of the cloud, enabling us to offer a great experience at a fraction of the cost.

Feature Keyfactor Keytos
Starting Price $7,500 a month $200 a month
SCEP Keyfactor supports scep EZCA supports scep
Intune Connection Keyfactor supports Intune scep EZCA is an approved SCEP partner for Intune
Bring your Own Infrastructure Keyfactor supports bring your own infrastructure EZCA supports bring your own infrastructure
SOC2 Compliant Keyfactor is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant EZCA is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant
ACME Support Keyfactor supports certificate automation with ACME EZCA supports certificate automation with ACME
Public CA Certificate Management Keyfactor tools allow you to manage public SSL certificates EZCA allow you to manage public SSL certificates with global sign
SSH Certificate support Keyfactor supports SSH Certificates Keytos EZSSH supports full SSH access management with SSH certificates
Azure IoT Integration Keyfactor does not have an Azure IoT connection
Cloud RADIUS Keyfactor does not offer a cloud radius service
Built for Azure Keyfactor was not built for Azure
FIDO2 and Smartcard management Keyfactor does not manage and onboard FIDO2 and Smartcards
SSH Access management Keyfactor supports SSH certificates but does not do the access control for SSH endpoints
GitHub SSH Certificate Management Keyfactor does not support creation of SSH certificates for github

Keyfactor Pricing vs Keytos Pricing

While both Keyfactor and Keytos offer custom and self-hosted options for both public and government cloud, we will compare the public prices for their comparable SaaS offerings available in Azure.

Tool Keyfactor Keytos
PKI (Key Vault Protected Keys) EJBCA SaaS: Starting at $7,500 USD per month. EZCA: Starting at $200 USD per month.
PKI (Managed HSM Backed CA Keys) EJBCA SaaS: Starting at $10,000 USD per month. EZCA: Starting at $2,000 USD per month.
SSH Certificates EJBCA SaaS: Starting at $7,500 USD per month. EZSSH: Starting at $3 USD per user per month. (Includes SSH Access Management)

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