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How to Create a Secure CA in Azure: PKI Just Became Easy

Azure PKI is now available
15 Jan 2022

Simplifying PKI with the Power of the Cloud

PKI has been the backbone of identity security for decades. With cloud computing pushing companies to adopt a zero-trust architecture, having a secure highly scalable and compliant PKI is becoming necessary for all companies; however, running and maintaining a private PKI is very costly. From the upfront cost of buying the specialized hardware, to having a team of PKI experts maintaining the infrastructure, it can become a daunting project that takes key security personnel from other high priority tasks. At Keytos we took our years of experience deploying and maintaining CAs (Certification Authority) to create a secure and compliant PKIaaS taking away all the tedious responsibilities from your team enabling them to focus on other hard pressing tasks.

Easy To Deploy

One of the biggest challenges when designing and implementing a PKI architecture is setting up the infrastructure, from manually having to set up the HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) to setting the proper configurations to make sure your infrastructure is secure. This can take a seasoned PKI expert months to plan and execute! With EZCA, we have a very intuitive wizard that will guide you through your needs and we will take care of the rest:

Prevent Outages

Certificate expiration is one of the main causes of service outages, not only for small companies, but large companies such as Google and Microsoft have also had a certificate expiry related outage in the past few years. This is due to an overwhelming number of organizations still managing certificate expiry in spreadsheets. Meaning a person on the team must manually go through the spreadsheet and check for any certificates that are expiring soon, if any certificate slides through the cracks of this highly manual process, a costly outage will occur. EZCA gives your full visibility into your company’s certificates with easy-to-use dashboards and distributes responsibility by enabling you to set owners to each certificate and notifying the owner when a certificate is expiring.

Full Certificate Lifecycle Automation

While having a registry containing each issued certificate is a great step forward from managing certificate expiration with spreadsheets and calendar reminders, at Keytos we aim at making security transparent to the users therefore EZCA connects with key management systems such as Azure Key Vault to automatically renew certificates before they expire, saving your company thousands of dollars on wasted engineering time rotating certificates and avoiding future outages.

Modernize Your PKI Today!

From extending your existing infrastructure to meet the scale the cloud requires to starting a new hierarchy from scratch, EZCA is here to make your company more secure while freeing up your security engineers to focus on other security issues. Talk to our PKI experts and get a free consultation on your current setup.

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