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Foxpass Alternative for Cloud RADIUS - EZRADIUS

Need a Better RADIUS solution? Don't Settle for Foxpass - Try EZRADIUS from Keytos!

At Keytos, we understand that security is a top priority for your organization. Founded by former Microsoft Security engineers, we have built a powerful and easy-to-use RADIUS solution designed specifically for Microsoft, leveraging your already secure Entra ID Credentials. While most RADIUS solutions claim to be useable “right out of the box,” EZRADIUS is truly the fastest, most secure, most affordable way to get started with modern wi-fi authentication. While both Foxpass and EZRADIUS utilize EAP/TLS certificates, the most modern means of secure wi-fi authentication, EZRADIUS distinguishes itself as the best RADIUS solution for a number of reasons. Watch this short video below to see just how easy it is to get started with EZRADIUS from Keytos.

Secure Your Network with Easy to Setup Cloud RADIUS!

EZRADIUS makes it easy to run and scale your own highly available RADIUS server without the traditional up-front expenditure associated with RADIUS authentication. We've also removed the need to manage any complex infrastructure, and you can rest assured that your cloud-based RADIUS appliance will be maintained to the highest standards. This allows you to focus on what's important while simultaneously modernizing your network authentication practices with cutting-edge authentication.

Trusted Microsoft Partner

Keytos was built by a team of former Microsoft Cloud Security Engineers and have maintained a close relationship ever since our inception. From graduating from their Microsoft Startups program to having the honor of becoming a trusted Intune Microsoft Certificate Authority partner, our partnership has allowed Microsoft customers around the world fully transition to a passwordless, cloud-based infrastructure with absolute ease!

Cloud RADIUS with Native Microsoft and Entra ID Integration

Our Cloud Based RADIUS is not just an off the shelf RADIUS service managed by a third party, it was designed from the ground up for the cloud and the modern threats that the modern work place brings. From our Entra ID User and group membership based VLAN assignment, to more advanced features such as Intune compliance check, EZRADIUS is the best RADIUS services for Microsoft cloud users.

Expert Help Along the Way

We understand that modernizing your network authentication can be scary, from setting up your certificate authority to setting up certificate-based RADIUS authentication, there are a lot of steps to take. That's why the Experts at Keytos offer a FREE consultation to properly evaluate your unique organizational use case and point you on the path to success. We also understand that not everyone needs such a conversation and invite you to explore our step-by-step cloud RADIUS documentation and Youtube channel for detailed tutorials on how everything works and how easy it is to get started with EZRADIUS. And for those who still feel overwhelmed or would like some hands-on help during implementation, we offer our Professional Services to assist to whatever degree you see fit.

Why Is Keytos the #1 Foxpass Alternative?

Secure and Compliant While ease of use and quick setup are important factors for a security solution, ensuring security and compliance is paramount. Keytos is a globally trusted security solution provider that prioritizes security by adopting industry-leading measures to secure our infrastructure. Our team of experts constantly monitors and updates our systems to ensure that they meet the highest security standards. Additionally, our SaaS offerings' high availability SLA allow your team to focus on other pressing security issues while your identity infrastructure will automatically be updated and secured.

Designed for the Cloud While many legacy security vendors have modernized their solutions by modifying their on-premises solution to work and run on the cloud, we have built all our solutions from the ground up to maximize the scalability and availability of the cloud, enabling us to offer a great experience at a fraction of the cost.

One Stop Shop For Your Identity Needs Securing your network has a lot of moving pieces, at Keytos we bring all your identity needs under a single toolset, from our RADIUS offering, to the PKI that can issue device certificates for your devices, to even other identity solutions such as passwordless onboarding for Entra ID, and SSH access management.

RADIUS Native Integration with Microsoft Security Tools The Keytos toolset was designed by ex-Microsoft security engineers with Microsoft security needs in mind, not only do we extend your Entra Identity authentication and authorization to RADIUS, but we can also authorize access to the network based on the current Intune device health. In addition to the authentication and authorization features, we also send all the logs to your Sentinel SIEM, allowing you to centralize your security alerts using tools you are familiar with.

Feature Foxpass Keytos
Cloud RADIUS Foxpass offers a cloud radius Keytos offers a cloud radius
Certificate Authentication EAP-TLS EAP-TLS EAP-TLS
Password Based Authentication Keytos supports RADIUS Password Authentication Foxpass supports RADIUS Password Authentication
Entra ID Password Validation Keytos can validate your user's password in entra ID for RADIUS authentication Foxpass can validate your user's password in entra ID for RADIUS authentication
SOC2 Compliant Foxpass is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant Keytos is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant
ISO 27001 Compliant Foxpass is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant Keytos is soc2 and ISO 27001 Compliant
SSH Access management Foxpass supports SSH access management but not SSH Certificates
Entra ID Group Membership Authorization Keytos can validate your user's entra ID group membership for authorization
Intune Device Health Validation Keytos can validate your device is healthy before connecting to the network
MDM Connection For Certificate Issuance Keytos is an approved SCEP partner for Intune
Bring your Own Infrastructure Keytos supports bring your own infrastructure
Transparent Pricing Foxpass does not offer transparent pricing`
Public CA Certificate Management Keytos allow you to manage public SSL certificates with global sign
SSH Certificate support Keytos EZSSH supports full SSH access management with SSH certificates
Azure IoT Integration Foxpass does not have an Azure IoT connection
Built for Azure Foxpass was not built for Azure
FIDO2 and Smartcard management Foxpass does not manage and onboard FIDO2 and Smartcards
GitHub SSH Certificate Management Foxpass does not support creation of SSH certificates for github

Foxpass Pricing vs EZRADIUS - Only Pay for What You Use

RADIUS authentication and management solutions aren't all similar. In fact, outside of core functionality, the pricing structure and model is usually a key difference amongst competitors. This is no different when it comes to Foxpass and EZRADIUS. Foxpass, like so many of their peers in the cybersecurity space, offer vague, a-la-carte pricing (but we did the research for you it starts at $3 USD per user, for all users in your directory). Why? To hook you with the promise of an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution only to enroll you in a seemingly endless process of sales qualification meetings and follow-up messaging from underqualified sales folks that don't really know all the much about RADIUS, or the nuances of your organizational use case.

With EZRADIUS, we offer pay-as-you-go plans where you're only required to pay for what you use. This unique proposition, with Basic plans starting at just $1/active identity, is the ideal solution for organizations that are looking to get the job done without breaking the bank.

Service Foxpass Price Keytos Price
Cloud RADIUS Starts at $3 USD per user in the directory. EZRADIUS: Starting at $1 USD per active user per month.
PKI as a Service Not Available EZCA: Starting at $200 USD per month.
Smartcard and FIDO2 Management and Onboarding Not Available EZCMS: Starting at $2 USD per user per month.
SSH Access Management First 10 users free, then $3 per user, and $7 for engineering user. EZSSH: Starting at $3 USD per user per month.
SSL Certificate Monitoring Not Available EZMonitor: Starting at $250 USD for unlimited external certificates.

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