1. Adding EZGIT to Your Okta Org

Registering the Application

EZGIT uses your Okta Identity to authenticate users and create short term certificates for GitHub SSH Access. As any other Okta Integration Network App, it has to be added to your organization for users to use.

  1. First, navigate to your Okta Admin Dashboard and select the Applications menu on the left. Okta Integration Network Catalog
  2. Once in the Applications section, click the “Browse App Catalog” button. Okta Integration Network Catalog
  3. In the App Integration Catalog, search for “EZGIT”
  4. Select the EZGIT option. and add it as an application available to your org users. Okta Integration Network Catalog
  5. Enter your company name (This will be used for your custom URL). Okta Integration Network Catalog
  6. Once the EZGIT is added to your organization, Request your EZGIT instance to be deployed You will need:
    1. The Client ID of the Application just created: Client ID
    2. Your Organization’s Okta Domain
  7. Our support team will create your instance name with the following format {companyname}.ezgit.io
  8. Once our support team reaches out, you are ready to start the sign up process.