Manage your Cloud RADIUS Subscription in EZRADIUS

Introduction - Managing your Cloud RADIUS Subscription in EZRADIUS

Once you have registered the application in your tenant and selected a plan, you can manage your subscription in the EZRADIUS portal. In this page we will go through how to manage your subscription in EZRADIUS.

  1. Go to your EZRADIUS portal.
  2. Click on Settings. EZRADIUS Settings
  3. In the settings page you can:
    • Manage Owners - These users have administrator permissions in your application and can change any setting, think of them as Global Administrators.
    • Manage Network Administrators - These users can create and manage network access polices but cannot manage billing and subscription setting.
    • Manage Log Readers - These users can read logs and reports but cannot change any settings.
    • Configure SIEM - You can configure your SIEM to receive logs from EZRADIUS.
    • Cancel your subscription.

Manage Owners, Network Administrators, and Log Readers

  1. To manage owners, Network Administrators, and Log Readers enter the email addresses or Entra ID groups of the user you want to add and once you are done click “Save changes” on the top right.

Configure SIEM

  1. To configure your SIEM, follow the steps in How to Send your RADIUS Logs to your SIEM

Cancel your subscription

  1. To cancel your subscription, click on the “Cancel Subscription” button on the top right. This will cancel your subscription and you will no longer be billed for the service. If you are canceling your subscription we would appreciate your feedback on why you are canceling. Feel free to reach out to your Keytos contact to provide feedback.