How to add PKI Administrators to your Azure PKI


  1. Registering the application in your tenant
  2. Selecting a Plan

Introduction - How to Manage PKI Administrators in Azure PKI

EZCA enables your security team to manage your PKI using your already secure Entra ID credentials, in this page we will talk about how you can add PKI Administrators to your Azure PKI.

How To Add PKI Administrators to Azure PKI

  1. Go to the your EZCA Portal.
  2. Click on Settings. EZCA Settings
  3. In the “PKI Admins” section, start typing the name of the user or you want to add as a PKI Administrator. Note you can add Entra ID Groups allowing you to use PIM to manage the PKI Administrators. Add New PKI Administrator
  4. Once you have modified the PKI Administrators, click on “Save Changes” on the top right. Save Changes to cloud CA Administrators