How Access GitHub with EZSSH

If you are having trouble authenticating to your git repository, make sure to check out our Troubleshooting git problems guide


  1. Download EZSSH

Tenant Prerequisites

Your tenant admin/GitHub admins must connect EZSSH to GitHub Enterprise before users are able to login to Git using EZSSH.

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  1. Go to your favorite terminal, and enter:
ezssh git
  1. The first time it will ask you to login with your Azure Active Directory Account
  2. You should get a “GitHub identity created successfully” message EZSSH Settings
  3. Start using your favorite Git Tool for committing your code!

EZSSH Git certificates are short lived (based on your organizations settings might last between 1 and 72 hours). You will have to run this command each time the certificate is expired.

Sending a command through EZSSH

EZSSH offers the option of sending a command to your git solution to make it easier to use. Just add a -c and the command to your EZSSH git command. For Example if you want to pull you can do:

ezssh git -c "pull"

EZSSH will talk care of using your existing certificate or getting a new one and then will call git pull in another window. EZSSH Settings