Monitor Your Domains


  1. Registering the application in your tenant
  2. Selecting a Plan


EZMonitor enables your security team to monitor critical information with: intuitive dashboards, email alerts, as well as pushing the information to your SIEM. In this page we will guide you on how to start monitoring your domains.

Monitoring a Domain

  1. Fist, go to the EZMonitor Portal.
  2. Login.
  3. Search for the domain you want to monitor.

    If you want all your sub domains to be monitored, select the “include subdomains” option before the search. This will enable all the subdomain alerts including subdomain takeover.

  4. Click the “Monitor all domains” button. EZMonitor Monitor Domains
  5. Enter the names of the people or AAD groups you want to manage this domain. These are the people that can change the monitoring status as well as get email alerts when an abnormality is found.
    EZMonitor Monitor Domains
  6. Click “Monitor Domain” EZMonitor Monitor Domains
  7. Your will now be monitored and you will be alerted when a problem is detected.

    We recommend Connecting EZMonitor to your SIEM to centralize your security alerts in a single place.