Retrieve User PUK


If PUK retrieval is activated in your subscription, your IT team can help users unblock their blocked smart card by leveraging the SmartCard’s Pin Unblocking Key (PUK) a key that allows you to reset the pin without having to reset the smart card and lose the cryptographic keys.

This setting cannot be retroactively enabled since EZSmartCard will not store the randomized PUKs if PUK retrieval is not enabled.

Assign Smart Card

  1. Open your EZ SmartCard client application.
  2. Login with an account that has the PUK retrieval role.
  3. Select the “Get User PUK” page

    If the page is not showing after login in as a PUK administrator restart the application.

  4. Enter the user email.
  5. Enter the smart card serial number.
  6. Click the Get PUK Get User PUK
  7. Use the shown PUK to guide the user through the smart card unblocking process