Request a SmartCard


This page will guide you on how to request a physical smart card to be delivered to your home or office.

This is the standard EZSmartCard way, your organization might have a different process.

Requesting the SmartCard

  1. Open the EZSmartCard Tool.
  2. Login.
  3. Navigate to “Request Smart Card” Request Smart Card
  4. If requesting on behalf of someone else, click the “Request Smart Card on Behalf of Someone Else” checkbox.
  5. Enter your address.
  6. Enter business justification (this will be shown to the approver when they receive your request).
  7. Select the SmartCard type.
  8. Click the “Request Smart Card” Button Request Smart Card
  9. Now the approver will get a notification (if you are the approver for this user it will be automatically approved).
  10. Once Approved the SmartCard will be assigned to the user and shipped.
  11. When you receive your SmartCard, you are ready to create your identity