a. Selecting a Plan in EZSSH


  1. Registering the application in your tenant

Video Version

Sign up for 1 Month Free trial

  1. To register for your EZSSH free trial, go to https://portal.ezssh.io/Signup
  2. Click on “Log in”
  3. Enter your Azure AD credentials.
  4. You will be presented with this Screen: Sign Up Screen
  5. Enter the Name of the Subscription (this is for your reference only)
  6. Select if you want to have dual key approval for any policy changes (Admin operations)
  7. By Default, GitHub Certificate are enabled, this help you secure your GitHub instance with SSH Certificates Read More if you will not use this feature, you can uncheck the box.
  8. If you are using GitHub Certificates enter the length in hours that you want your developers certificates to last (This is how ofter the engineer has to get a new certificate). Note: In Keytos we have it set to 8 hours so our engineers only request access once a day
  9. In Advance Setting you can set the location of where we keep your certificates. (By Default it is East US)
  10. During the Free trial you can enter the plan you will want to purchase after the trial is over, or you can click skip for now and come back once you have tried our product.
  11. If you opted for selecting the plan, please also enter your credit card information and billing notification email below.
  12. Click Register!
  13. Once you are registered, you are ready to connect to your Azure Subscriptions and GitHub Instances.