Load Smart Card For User


For highly regulated industries, the PIV standard requires in person verification to create the smart card, this page explains how a smart card administrator can create smart cards for users.


  1. Assign User SmartCard

Creating Smart Card for User

  1. Open your EZ SmartCard client application.
  2. Login with an account that has the Smart Card creation role for this domain.
  3. Select the “Create SmartCard” page

    If the page is not showing after login in as a Smart Card administrator restart the application.

  4. Connect the Smart Card and select it from the drop down.
  5. Select the identity you want to create for this smart card and click request certificate. Load user certificate
  6. Confirm the creation of the certificate.
  7. If using a Yubikey press the Yubikey when it starts flashing slowly.
  8. Once the user receives the smart card, help them through the unblocking process by retrieving their PUK for them